University leadership: Business, Graduate Studies, Human Kinetics, Law and Leddy Library

DailyNews will over the first week of 2013 list the leadership in each of the academic areas. Today, current appointments in the faculties of Graduate Studies, Human Kinetics, and Law, the Odette School of Business, and the Leddy Library:

Graduate Studies

  • Dean of Graduate Studies: Patricia Weir
  • Associate Dean: James Gauld

Human Kinetics

  • Dean of Human Kinetics: Michael Khan
  • Head, Department of Kinesiology: Wayne Marino
  • Director, Athletics and Recreational Services: Gordon Grace


  • Dean of Law: Camille Cameron
  • Associate Dean: Reem Bahdi
  • Acting Law Librarian: Annette Demers

Odette School of Business

  • Dean of Odette School of Business: Allan Conway
  • Vice-Dean Academic: Gurupdesh Padher

Leddy Library

  • Dean of the Library: Gwendolyn Ebbett
  • Associate Dean of the Library: Joan Dalton
  • Associate Dean of the Library: Cathy Maskell
  • Head, Department of Access Services: Karen Pillon
  • Head, Department of Acquisitions/Bibliographic Services: Shuzhen Zhao
  • Head, Department of Information Services: Peter Zimmerman
  • Head, Systems Department: Grace Liu

— by Chantelle Myers