Dave Williams, Anne Snowdon, Bill CharnetskiDave Williams, president of Southlake Regional Health Centre, and Bill Charnetski, chief health innovation strategist for Ontario, congratulate Anne Snowdon on her ACE Award.

UWindsor prof named an ace health innovator

Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has conferred its ACE Award on UWindsor professor Anne Snowdon, academic chair of the Odette World Health Innovation Network, in recognition of her Achievement, Commitment and Excellence as a member of the Ontario Health Innovation Council.

Dr. Snowdon says she was “honoured” by the award.

“Ontario and the chief health innovation strategist, Bill Charnetski, have assumed a significant leadership role in driving successful adoption of innovation in the health sector,” she says.

The network’s main areas of focus include supporting world-leading research affecting the health sector and helping to ensure that Canadian innovations and discoveries have access to the key enablers necessary for development and commercialization of products and technologies. 

Allan Conway, dean of the Odette School of Business, says the award honours Snowdon’s expertise and commitment to advancing innovation in health systems.

“Dr. Snowdon’s work to accelerate scalability of health system innovation contribute to both economic growth and sustainability,” he says.

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