BlackboardBlackboard access will end April 27 midnight.

Prepare for retirement of Blackboard

Users are asked to take final steps to prepare for the Blackboard Learning Management System retirement as the last day to access the system is April 27.

Check all migrated materials

Review all course and organization site material that has been migrated from Blackboard to Brightspace, including course material you are not currently using this semester. While Blackboard is still available, you can review migrated material against the original Blackboard material to check for discrepancies — after April 27 that will not be possible.

Download and save any desired student work

Since no student work has been migrated from Blackboard to Brightspace, download and save any student material, such as assessment exemplars, documents to support reference letters, discussions, or spreadsheet of grades, that you want to access in the future. Instructions can be found for bulk downloading assignments, discussions, and grades on the Instructors FAQ page. Although all course material will be archived by Information Technology Services in case of an appeal, it will not be easy to access.

Review organization sites

Blackboard organization site owners are asked to review their Blackboard organization sites for content they would like to migrate to Brightspace. If migration is needed, they can submit a ticket with the site name and the organization site users list they want to transition to Brightspace by March 1.

It is important to note that migration includes only materials added by the organizers and will not include assessment submissions or discussions within the organizational site. For instructions for downloading discussion post, see the How to download BB Discussion posts on the Instructor FAQs page.

Save Winter 2023 collaborate recordings

Instructors who have continued to use Blackboard Collaborate in the Winter semester will have to manually download any recordings they wish to keep and save them to their OneDrive or Yuja media platform. Instructions for saving them to Yuja can be found in the Instructor How to Section of

Help available

One-on-one support through in-person and online Brightspace drop-in sessions is available Monday through Friday (except holidays such as Family Day Feb. 20, and the University holiday Feb. 24), 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., at the CTL offices and virtually through Microsoft Teams. Any questions can be emailed to

Blackboard and all material contained within it will be inaccessible after April 27, 2023.