students peer at banner which reads Be Ready. Be Alert.Third-year engineering student Alice Seo introduces her younger sister Dongju Seo, just beginning studies in engineering, to measures to enhance campus safety.

Campaign to raise awareness of campus safety

A communications plan rolling out this year will highlight the mechanisms in place to ensure the safety of students, staff, faculty, and visitors on the UWindsor campus.

In line with the University’s strategic priority of fostering a secure environment in which to live, work, and learn, the “Be a Safe Lancer” campaign will inform the community about the resources available.

Programs and mechanisms available to staff, students, and faculty to ensure campus continues to be a safe place include the Safe Lancer app; the emergency notification system; the WalkSafe program; the Student Medical Response Service; the Office of Sexual Violence Prevention, Resistance, and Support; Occupational Health and Safety; the Assessment and Care Team; and a variety of counselling services and service departments.

Throughout the year, Be Safe a Lancer will raise awareness of these resources through DailyNews articles, posters, social media, and incentive contests.

“Safety is everyone’s concern and of utmost importance not just when there is an emergency, but every day,” says Gillian Heisz, vice-president, finance and operations. “We all have to do our part to be alert and be informed: from Campus Community Police to partners right across the University.”

The first phase of the campaign will encourage campus community members to download the Safe Lancer app and register for the emergency alert notification system.