Canadian Blood Services

Bring a friend to campus blood donor clinic Tuesday

Canadian Blood Services invites UWindsor students to make a donation at its campus blood donor clinic Tuesday—and bring a friend.

“Bringing a friend along gives our valued donors a chance to double the amount of good they can do,” says Joan Hannah, community development coordinator for Canadian Blood Services. “Many potential donors never give blood because they have never been asked.”

She said the process, from walking in the door, through screening, donation and recovery, takes only an hour.

Approaching long weekend points up need for blood donors

Blood donations typically decrease around a holiday weekend as regular donors travel or are otherwise occupied, but the need doesn’t decrease.

Making a donation before, during or after the long weekend will help ensure an adequate supply for patients in need, says Canadian Blood Services. The staff invites members of the campus community to bring a friend and give during a donor clinic Wednesday, March 27, from 5 to 8 the Oak Room, Vanier Hall.

Walk-ins are welcome, and if you wish to book an appointment, phone Sandra Davis at 519-253-3000, ext. 5067.