Canadian Blood Services

Bursary to encourage blood donor recruitment

Students who help Canadian Blood Services recruit blood donors over the summer can qualify to win bursaries of up to $1,500 toward their post-secondary tuition.

The Assignment Saving Lives Student Bursary Program offers an award of $1,500 to the recruiter of the most new donors and $1,000 to the recruiter who brings in the most donations, as well as 16 awards of $750 each drawn at random from all qualifying participants in southern Ontario.

Give so others can live, club encourages blood donors

Even people ineligible to donate blood for any reason can help to increase the vital supply, says Courtney Cail.

The fourth-year biology student is president of the Young Blood Club, which encourages participation in the donor clinics of Canadian Blood Services.

“The need for blood is so high right now,” Cail says. “We’re having problems meeting hospital demand.”

Because she is unable to give blood herself for medical reasons, she says, she recruits. “I want people to donate on my behalf.”

Blood makes a wonderful holiday gift

It makes the perfect gift. You don’t have to worry about size or colour, and it’s always just what the recipient wanted most. Unfortunately, it’s not available in stores.

A blood donation is the gift that saves lives.

As the holidays approach, with all the travel—and consequent injuries—giving blood is more important than ever. Canadian Blood Services will hold a full blood donor clinic on Tuesday, December 6, in Ambassador Auditorium in the CAW Student Centre from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.