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Stephen Fields

Artists engage community to spell out how to reimagine Windsor

A group of artists from the collective Broken City Lab were busily creating a new installation in a courtyard in Windsor’s downtown core Tuesday afternoon. Known as a ‘text intervention,’ it consisted of a series of 12-inch high styrofoam letters, placed vertically on the ground to spell out the phrase “Hello New Friends.”

It caught the attention of a passenger in a car cruising past on Ouellette Avenue, who stuck her head out the window and waved.

Fish conference a great opportunity for student researchers

A conference being held in Windsor for the first time ever will provide an excellent chance for young researchers studying the ecology and behaviour of fish to meet some of the top scientists in their field, according to one if its organizers.

The Ecological and Evolutionary Ethology of Fishes conference, June 17 to 21, will bring together researchers from across Canada and across the world to discuss their work.

Law researcher dispells myths about shari'a

Julie Macfarlane has a simple message for all of those who believe that Islam’s proponents are trying to take control of western civilization by following their own set of laws that disregard current governing legislation.

“There is no such thing as shari’a law,” says the UWindsor Faculty of Law professor, “because shari’a is the code, the guidelines, the personal conscience that each Muslim pays attention to according to their interpretation of what the Koran says.”