Chai tea with cardamom pods and cinamon stickSpiced Indian tea, chai, is part of a south Asian menu today in the CAW Student Centre’s Marketplace.

Donation boxes to raise funds for Indian relief

A south Asian-themed menu in the Marketplace today—Monday, December 2—will help to kick off a campaign raising funds to build health services in India.

The event will feature music, chai tea and a special sampler platter of lentil dahl, chana masala, aloo gobi, basmati rice, raita and choice of butter chicken or curry beef, both halal for $9.99, or vegetarian paneer for $8.99.

Assistant manager Paolo Vasapolli says Food Services hopes to support the charitable efforts of the Punjabi Student Association.

“Donation boxes will be placed at each cash register for the remaining of the semester and hopefully we can do our part in raising some money towards a good cause,” he says.

Fourth-year nursing student Preet Shokar, president of the association, says it supports efforts to secure high-quality basic services such as clean water, health visitors and educational facilities for women and children in India.

“We use Indian culture and traditions, dance and music festivities in collaboration with partners on campus and within the community to increase awareness of underprivileged children and maternal health in India,” she says. “Food Services is one of those partners to bring forth change and make a difference in not only India, but globally.”