Experience MapsExperience Maps help to guide UWindsor students towards their personal career objectives.

Maps aim to guide UWindsor student experience

A new resource will help students explore the varying opportunities available over the course of their studies at the University of Windsor.

The Office of Career Development & Experiential Learning has just released the first edition of the UWindsor Experience Maps, which identify chances for educational and professional development in 40 of the University’s undergraduate programs.

“Everyone’s UWindsor experience is unique,” says Chris Busch, acting executive director of experiential learning. “For this reason, we designed 40 different maps, working with the wide range of faculties, to incorporate the specific high-impact practices they will encounter.”

Each Experience Map will help prospective and current students navigate curricular, co-curricular, and career development programming in their academic programs and outlines a year-by-year path across all years of study, including:

  • program highlights;
  • post-graduation statistics;
  • lists of industry and career options; and
  • career-readiness competencies.

The development of these initial 40 experience maps has been a collaborative effort between faculties, departments, and students, Busch notes.

“Our office will work to expand this valuable resource to every program, and we will continue to revise and improve them every year,” he says.

Print copies of these maps are available in the relevant academic department, as well as through the student recruitment and career development offices. To download a digital version, visit uwindsor.ca/experiencemaps.