Erika KustraErika Kustra has won the Distinguished Educational Developer Career Award from the Educational Developers Caucus.

Peers pay homage to educational developer

The University’s “culture of excellence” has supported Erika Kustra in her exemplary contributions to educational development in Canada and around the world, says Sanja Ivanov.

Co-ordinator of awards for the Educational Developers Caucus, Dr. Ivanov wrote to congratulate Dr. Kustra as the recipient of its Distinguished Educational Developer Career Award. The award recognizes individuals with 15 years or more of service in educational development who have made significant and lasting contributions to the field of educational development at the local, provincial, and national levels.

“It is an honour to receive this recognition from my peers,” Kustra says. “I share the credit with my incredible colleagues, and the instructors across our campus who are dedicated to providing the best possible learning experience for students.”

Her interest in educational development dates to Kustra’s days as a graduate student at McMaster University, facilitating a workshop for its Centre for Leadership in Learning.

She came to the University of Windsor in 2008 to become the director of the Centre for Teaching and Learning. Kustra also holds appointments as an associate professor in the Department of Psychology and adjunct professor in the Faculty of Education.

She has held leadership positions on the caucus executive for nine years, including as chair, representing Canada at the world level in meetings of the International Consortium for Educational Development.

Edwin Tam, UWindsor acting associate vice-president, academic, says he was thrilled to hear of the honour paid to Kustra.

“Her devotion to all matters related to education, teaching, and learning is unmatched, and her commitment to excellence and creativity are inspiring,” Dr. Tam says. “She engages all who seek to learn more with empathy and personal attention.

“Erika’s contributions to our University community have elevated us, and I — and many others — consider it a privilege and joy to learn from her.”

The Educational Developers Caucus will formally confer the award at its conference in Waterloo, Feb 23 and 24.