Calendar displaying January 2022Human Resources shares tips to help make the most out of every Monday.

Don’t let Mondays get you down, advises Human Resources

Because it marks the start of the workweek for most people, Monday can get a bad rap.

In a message sent Monday to UWindsor faculty and staff, Human Resources shares tips to help make the most out of every Monday:

  • Start your week with an easy task. This will give you an immediate sense of accomplishment and allow you to start your week on a positive note.
  • If possible, tackle the same task every Monday morning. A routine can help you balance your day and allow you to focus and prioritize.
  • Tackle the most challenging task early on in the day rather than putting it off. The satisfaction of completing it will also give you a boost for the rest of the day.
  • Take a break. Step away from your work area at lunch and give your mind time to relax. This will help you feel more focused and energized in the afternoon.
  • Remember that Monday is just another day. If you usually use a negative word to describe Mondays, replace it with a positive word to help reframe your mind.

Of course, these tips can be applied to every day of the week. Read the entire Wellness Tip of the Week.