book cover: “Every Cyclist’s Guide to Canadian Law.”Windsor Law professor Chris Waters has published a second edition of the book, “Every Cyclist’s Guide to Canadian Law.”

Prof’s book a guide to law on bicycling

More Canadians are riding bicycles than ever before, but misinformation about cycling and the law is common, says Chris Waters.

The law professor has published the second edition of the book,Every Cyclist’s Guide to Canadian Law. In it, he discusses the rules of the road, purchasing and using bikes, what to do in the case of a crash or a stolen bike, starting up a cycling club, racing a bike, and more.

Written for those with little or no legal background, the book is also an authoritative reference for lawyers, advocates, club directors, and coaches. The first edition was written by University of Ottawa law profs Craig Forcese and the late Nicole LaViolette.

Dr. Waters draws on anecdotes and examples from his own experience as a seasoned commuter and recreational cyclist to illustrate explanations free of jargon. He will donate all author royalties to the  Share the Road Cycling Coalition.

Alexandra Flynn of the University of British Columbia School of Law praises the book as “accessible and funny,” adding it “brings alive the legislation and legal cases that those on wheels engage with … making it an ideal resource for all.”

Learn more on the publisher’s website.

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