Admission Requirements

2024-25 Academic Year

Documentation Submission Instructions

Applicants to the Technological Studies teacher education program must upload required supporting documents directly to the UWinsite Student platform only (see: instructions for uploading documents to UWinsite) after official submission of an N80 application through OUAC-TEAS. Please do not upload any supporting documents to the OUAC-TEAS portal as they cannot be viewed or retrieved by the Faculty of Education. 

All documentation should reflect direct experience in the broad-based technological area for which program admission is sought. See: "Supporting Documentation (Required)" below.


Telephone: 519-253-3000, ext. 3805

Supporting Documentation (Optional)

Equity Admission

PDF Download Equity Consideration Form 

The Faculty of Education affirms its principle and policy of fairness and equity for individuals who are qualified for the teaching profession and who reflect the ethno‑cultural and social diversity of the population of students in Ontario’s schools.

In pursuit of this principle and policy, we seek to identify candidates representing different backgrounds whose perspectives will diversify and enrich the teaching and learning community. We encourage applications from groups that are traditionally under‑represented in the teaching profession. 

We must receive this form by February 1, 2024. Please send via email only to Please include the following information in the email subject line: Equity Form, Name, UWindsor Student Number. 

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Language Requirements

If English is not your first language and you have not lived in an English-speaking country for 5 years or more, you must meet the minimum English language requirements of the University of Windsor.

All official scores must be submitted by February 1, 2024.

See: What are the English language proficiency requirements for an Undergraduate student? and the University of Windsor Senate Policy: English Language Proficiency Requirements (Undergraduate and Graduate)

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Supporting Documentation (Required)

Deadline: February 1, 2024

  • Academic postsecondary transcripts (including English translations, where necessary) from all postsecondary institutions attended. See: Instructions for submitting official transcripts
    • Official postsecondary academic transcripts, bearing the original seal and/or signature of the institution, must be sent directly by the issuing institution. Photocopies and student copies are not acceptable

For the following documents, please consult: instructions for uploading documents to UWinsite

  • Letter of Intent/Personal Statement (maximum one page in length). Note: please upload as one (combined) document with your résumé
  • Résumé
    Your résumé must meet the following criteria:
  • High school transcript (only applicable to applicants with no postsecondary diploma/degree/certification). See: Instructions for submitting official transcripts
    • Official secondary academic transcripts, bearing the original seal and/or signature of the institution, must be sent directly by the issuing institution. Photocopies and student copies are not acceptable
  • Copy of trade licence(s) (if applicable)
    • The teaching of some special curriculum components within the Broad-based Technological Education areas requires that the teacher hold a valid trade licence. For example, Automotive, Electrical, Cosmetology, etc.
  • Copy of a Ministry of Colleges and Universities Certificate of Qualification (C of Q) accompanied by a Certificate of Apprenticeship (C of A) and the details of the examination showing at least 70% (“B-”) standing.
    • The diploma-size version of the C of Q is required to provide evidence that you have satisfied this requirement
    • Your C of Q must be valid at the time that you are applying for admission to the University of Windsor
    • Note: If your work experience is in a trade that requires a C of Q, then you must submit the C of Q, details of exam results and your C of A. No other proof of competence can be accepted
  • Letters confirming wage-earning experience. See p. 11-12, under "Proof of Work Experience" in the Ontario College of Teachers Registration Guide: Requirements for Becoming a Teacher of Technological Education in Ontario

The following combinations are permitted:

  • 5 years of wage earning
  • Wage earning plus university degree (for a total of 5 years)
  • 2 years of wage earning plus 3-year college degree/diploma, or
  • 3 years of wage earning plus 2-year college degree/diploma

Wage earning includes business or industrial experience where you used skills and knowledge in the area of technological education selected for your optional courses.

In exceptional cases where it is impossible to provide original and appropriate documentation, an original sworn statement (by the applicant), signed by a commissioner of oaths that indicates the reason(s) why this information is not available, is acceptable. This sworn statement should indicate the duration of employment, start and end dates, and the nature of employment (providing a specific statement of the skills used in the position). To support the duration and place of employment noted in the notarized statement, copies of T4 tax forms or a statement from an accountant confirming income must accompany the statement.

Self-employed applicants or applicants employed in a family business must submit an original sworn statement, signed by a commissioner of oaths, that indicates the applicant was self-employed or employed in a family business. The statement should detail the duration of employment, the start and end dates, and the nature of duties (providing specific statements of the skills used in the position). In addition, to validate the applicant’s sworn statement, the following supporting documentation must be submitted:

  • Copy of business licence or registration supporting the duration of employment noted in the sworn statement
  • Copies of income tax assessments (which indicate self-employment) supporting the duration of employment noted in the sworn statement, or a statement from an accountant, confirming income, or an annual report
  • At least one (1) letter representing the period of self-employment from a major supplier attesting to materials purchased and/or a client attesting to the work completed

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After (acceptance of) Offer of Admission

Applicants who are offered admission to the program and officially accept their offer of admission are required to satisfy all document submission requirements and be in compliance with all of the following components. Please do not proceed with submission of any documents until you are contacted by the Faculty with further instructions: 

1. Proof of Identity and Birth Place: Submit a copy of one of the following documents (required for awarding the Ontario Certification of Qualification or a Temporary Letter of Standing):

  • Birth Certificate 
  • Passport (must list all names and place of birth to be accepted) 
  • Certificate of Indian Status or Indian Status Card
  • Certificate of baptism if born in Québec or in Newfoundland or Labrador before January 1994 
  • Permanent Resident Card (front and back) 
  • Canadian immigration record and visa (front and back) 
  • Record of Landing (front and back)
These are not acceptable as proof of identity: provincial driver’s licence, provincial health card, Canadian citizenship card

2. Proof of Name Change: If your name is different from your Proof of Identity document, you must also submit a photocopy of one of the following documents:

  • ​Marriage certificate 
  • Change of name certificate 

3. Tuberculin (TB) Test and official results: As required by the Ontario Ministry of Health, Teacher Candidates are required to provide official proof that they are free from active tuberculosis prior to the commencement of their first teaching placement. TB test results are not to be read and dated any earlier than June 1, 2023. Do not proceed with this test before you are contacted by the Faculty of Education. 

4. An official and original Level 3: Police Clearance with Vulnerable Sector Check, which must be valid during the practicum placement period of September 2024 through to June 2025. Do not proceed with this application before you are contacted by the Faculty of Education. 

5. A recent photograph (passport-sized) for identification purposes within the Faculty of Education.

6. Responsibility for transportation/travel arrangements to and from field placement locations. 

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