Program provides certification in multidisciplinary mechatronics

The multidisciplinary field of mechatronics integrates mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering to design and implement complex engineering and manufacturing systems.

A new collaboration with global tech giant Siemens has enabled the University of Windsor to launch a world-class industry certification in mechatronic systems.

The weekend Siemens Mechatronic Systems Certification Program focuses on key industrial skill areas such as electrical components, sensors, motor controls, programmable controllers, hydraulics, and pneumatics. In addition to teaching the technical knowledge, the program also stresses trouble-shooting and system-based technical thinking via hands-on training.

“The technicians and engineers of today work in fast-paced, high-tech environments and need a comprehensive knowledge of mechatronic systems technology,” says program co-ordinator Shahpour Alirezaee, a professor of electrical and computer engineering. “There is a growing demand for people skilled in mechatronics.”

The eight-week program will be offered again in the fall semester. For more information, visit