SMSCP technical content focuses on key industrial skill areas such as electrical components, sensors, motor controls, PLCs, as well as hydraulics and pneumatics. In addition to teaching the technical knowledge, SMSCP content also stresses trouble-shooting and system-based technical thinking via hands-on training. This technical training, paired with our certifications, creates well-grounded workers that can easily meet the challenges of high-tech and advanced manufacturing industries.

In collaboration with Siemens, the University of Windsor proudly offers the SMCP to provide your knowledgeable workers with hands-on mechatronics systems training to meet your industry goals including:

Well-trained, work-ready technical workers.
With its emphasis on in-demand industrial skills, troubleshooting, and hands-on practice, SMSCP’s training will provide you with knowledgeable workers, who are able to easily move into a variety of production, technician, and/or engineering roles.

Objective certification of workers’ technical skills.
SMSCP certifications provide an objective, industry-aligned assessment of mechanical, electrical, and digital technical skills, troubleshooting, and mechatronic systems thinking.

Cost savings on training and education.
With SMSCP, companies and industries can receive much-needed skilled technical workers while drawing on local education and training resources via partner schools. UWindsor offers SMSCP training at a fraction of the cost of private training companies and in some areas, the training may qualify for supporting funding from local government.

Clear Job Profiles
To demonstrate its relationship to industry needs, the SMSCP is divided into three qualification levels which each correspond to specific “job profiles”. The job profiles clearly define the certified qualification and skills of the graduates. The three levels are:

Level 1: Siemens Certified Mechatronic Systems Assistant.
Emphasis is placed on efficiently operating complex mechatronic systems, troubleshooting and foreseeing problems.

Level 2: Siemens Certified Mechatronic Systems Associate.
Focused on systems management, investigation, repair and troubleshooting.

Level 3: Siemens Certified Mechatronic Systems Professional.
Corresponding to university-level engineering education. In this level, emphasis is placed on systems design and process optimization.

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