What our alumni are saying

"Much of my daily interaction is with executives, sales, finance and project teams where my exposure to accounting and project management principals has improved my conversational topics and strategic approaches for quoting business. I have also seen success in altering my approach to problems and being influential in my business."

Kevin Curridor
Pricing Manager North America
Syncreon America

"Continuing my education in the combined field of Engineering and Business was a personal goal for many years. The flexibility of the MEM program at the University of Windsor allowed me to realize that vision. The professors were highly knowledgeable in their respective fields and always willing to help. I especially appreciated how they applied theory to real-life scenarios. As a full-time professional, I was able to put the coursework into practice immediately which made my academic journey even more rewarding. I recommend this program to others looking to improve their leadership skills and business acumen while enjoying a flexible learning mode. "

Nadia Preston
Director, Head of Experience Architecture
Ford Motor Company

"The students in the class are all working professionals with technical backgrounds in engineering which simulates real working conditions and allows for more dynamic learning through group discussion and brainstorming. Working with engineers from different disciplines and backgrounds allows for alternate perspectives on the topics being discussed. Many of us come from different industries which is a great learning experience to see the similar and different issues arising in real life situations."  

Jennifer Côté
Senior Manager of Corporate Planning
Valiant-TMS Corporation

"Through coursework, we gained valuable knowledge in finance and accounting which helped us set up the back end of our business, Archery Mayhem, on our own. We also took an entrepreneurship course which aided in identifying problems and opportunities that we can aim to solve. Finally, through the market research methods course, we were able to apply marketing principles to our business. The MEM program can open many doors, and becoming an entrepreneur is just one of them! I am thankful and proud to be a part of the inaugural class."

Easa Ahmadzai
Technical Program Manager
Zoox (A subsidiary of Amazon)

"Through the MEM program, I was able to get a job as a Project Manager and launch my first business. The instructors are experienced and help you understand and solve problems plaguing today’s industries while developing core skills in engineering, business, finance, project management and strategic management."

Ghislain Nebah
Project Manager
Actemium Toronto

"The MEM brought strategy, management knowledge, and network with other outstanding professionals during classes to my life. Besides that, it opened doors for me to become a Quality Manager in a local company as soon as I started it. Also, recently it qualified me to be hired as a Project Manager in one of the largest Automotive Companies in the world in the corporation office, which was a change I was looking forward to in my career. Having MEM is the icing on the cake on my resume."

Aline Ranieri
Quality Manager
Windsor Mold Inc.

"Through the course, we had contact with several professionals from different companies and segments. This exchange of experience made me grow and acquire new skills. In addition, MEM helped me to become a manager and grow in my career. I encourage professionals who want to become a manager to take the Master of Engineering Management."

Maicon Oliveira
Quality Engineering Manager
Leggett & Platt Automotive

"Through the MEM program I was able to level up my professional skills and create new connections with colleagues of various technical backgrounds. Upon completing the program I was able to expand my resume and secure a new position at a tech start-up company, an endeavor that I never thought would present itself prior to this program. This new position allows me to put my new management skills to work. I am able to confidently participate in forward planning and strategic thinking for the continued advancement of the company, as well as apply advanced problem and decision-making skills to ensure the optimal success of our customers. Prior to registering for the MEM program, I knew that I wanted more for my career and didn’t want to settle for anything standard. The program allowed me to continue to have a work/life balance while still gaining new, highly technical education and I would recommend it to anyone who is considering furthering their career."

Jordyn McDonald
Onboarding Specialist

"The MEM course has boosted my career profile by strengthening my core concepts of management. The course is strategically designed to cover the various aspects of technical and management that helped me in my organization. The fellow batchmates were all experienced in their own domain and we built meaningful relationships during the tenure of this course. The contacts created during the course will definitely help me out in the long run."

Rahul Rajpura
Business Operations Manager
Medicap Laboratories

Master of engineering management class of 2019 profile.