Graduate Academic Advising


Dr. C. Chen


​For MEng inquiries, please visit the MEng website.

How to access Microsoft Teams

Everyone with a UWin ID has access to Teams. It allows students and the advisor to communicate and share files securely and reliably.

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in using your UWin ID and password
  3. Select the “Teams” icon
  4. Select the icon in the bottom left corner to download
  5. Search for the advisor by email or name to start a meeting

Before virtual meeting

  • Students should have their transcript (in pdf format) ready; it can be downloaded using the UWinsite.
  • If a student wants to submit an ADD/DROP form, s/he should complete the form and a plan of completion form.

To start a meeting with the advisor

  1. Send a meeting request message via Teams
  2. The advisor will call you if she is available
  3. If the advisor is serving another student, she will assign you a number and call you when your turn comes.