Integrated BASc-MASc Program

The Faculty of Engineering offers a Bachelor's/Master's Integrated Engineering Degree program which allows students with outstanding academic ability to achieve both a BASc and MASc degree in a time period as short as five years.

This program treats the educational process through the BASc to the MASc degree as a single coherent integrated whole, while ensuring that the requirements for both degrees are fully satisfied. This structured program represents a complementary alternative to the existing separate undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Curriculum, Admission and Program Requirements

Years 1 and 2
Students complete their first and second year courses as shown in the undergraduate calendar.

Year 3
If your cumulative grade point average is at least 9.5 (B+) and your semester grade point average is 9.5 (B+) or higher after your third year fall semester, you are eligible to apply to the Integrated BASc/MASc program.

Year 4
Students opting for the Integrated BASc/MASc program will need to register in two University of Windsor graduate courses over and above the fourth year course requirements which are spread over the winter and summer semesters (one graduate course per semester).  Registration into the graduate courses does not replace any of the undergraduate fourth year elective courses.

Please note: Registration into the graduate courses will put you into overload in both the winter and summer semesters and each course is subject to an extra course fee.

Year 5
Once you have met the conditional admission requirements and are admitted into the MASc program, you will need to complete two University of Windsor graduate courses plus a master’s thesis.

The Integrated BASc/MASc Program could save you one semester from your MASc degree program.

Application Information

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