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NRC Integrated Manufacturing Technology Institute

London, ON

NRC has redeployed the research programs and competencies of the NRC- Integrated Manufacturing Technologies Institute (NRC-IMTI) to the NRC Industrial Materials Institute (NRC-IMI) and the NRC Institute for Research in Construction (NRC-IRC). Research activities will continue in London, Ontario as satellite laboratories to NRC-IMI and NRC-IRC, and will focus on the materials and manufacturing industries as they relate to the automotive and construction sectors.

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NRC Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation

Vancouver, BC

The National Research Council of Canada Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation (NRC-IFCI) is Canada's premiere applied research organization dedicated to supporting Canada's fuel cell and hydrogen industry through excellence in relevant research, innovation, partnerships and cluster building. NRC-IFCI works closely with Canadian universities, government agencies and companies on projects focused on the research, development, demonstration and testing of hydrogen and fuel cell systems. To contribute to its fundamental and applied research projects, the Institute has a technical staff of over 100, with recognized expertise in: Advanced Materials and Processing, Modeling and Numerical Simulation, Novel Architecture Design, Unit and Integrated System Testing, and, Sensors and Diagnostics Development. This expertise is applied to the following three strategic areas of critical importance to Canada's fuel cell industry: Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFC), Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC), and, Hydrogen and Alternative Fuels.

Opportunities for collaborative research between NRC-IFCI and industry partners exist wherever there are common technical objectives or where the unique expertise of the Institute provides an effective match for industrial requirements. These partnerships enable the parties to share and reduce their risk as well as the cost of performing research and development. NRC-IFCI maintains testing and evaluation facilities including nine hydrogen-ready labs, a membrane electrode assembly facility, a new Hydrogen Environmental Chamber (HEC) and an industrial incubator for early stage companies. NRC-IFCI also has the facilities and capabilities to host integrated technology demonstration projects, with a primary objective to address both technical and non-technical barriers to deployment of fuel cell, hydrogen and clean energy technologies. This demonstration centre provides an excellent platform for demonstrating a wide range of clean and alterative energy technologies. In addition to the research areas listed above, the Institute has a Mining Wear Materials Program, which aims to reduce the severe wear damage and related high costs and production losses that occur in mining and mineral processing.

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NRC Institute for Information Technology

Ottawa, ON

NRC-IIT creates and commercializes software and systems technology to help Canada prosper in the knowledge economy. Through its research, the dissemination of its findings and innovative business services, including licensing opportunities, R&D support, business mentoring and strategic partnerships, NRC-IIT provides a competitive advantage to myriad industry sectors, from health care and manufacturing, to transportation and entertainment. NRC-IIT's research focuses on three strategic directions: Knowledge from Data, People-Oriented Systems and e-Business. NRC-IIT operates Industry Partnership Facilities (IPF) at its Ottawa and Fredericton sites to help small- and medium-sized business exploit emerging technologies by providing a supportive working environment and access to NRC expertise.

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O3neida Inc.

Ottawa, ON

OOONEIDA is a not-for-profit corporation incorporated in Canada, operating as O3neida Inc. O3neida operates as a network of networks focused on fostering distributed industrial automation based upon open standards." becomes " OOONEIDA is a not-for-profit corporation incorporated in Canada, operating as O3neida Inc. O3neida operates as a network of networks focused on fostering distributed industrial automation based upon open standards.

One of the main goals of O3neida is to respond rapidly to emerging market and industry driven requirements by mounting research efforts or collaborating in existing research efforts mounted by others. These efforts might consist of: developing compliance profiles for emerging standards; examining impediments to the automation of smart assembly processes; developing an automation objects framework for developers; mounting open source standards elaboration projects, etc. O3neida is partnered with several associations, networks, universities, research institutes and firms with respect to these activities.

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OES Inc.

London, ON

OES is a London, Ontario based company, providing control products and systems that are designed to meet the exact requirements of specific applications. Major Markets include: products for assuring quality for the automotive industry, products for controlling UV disinfection equipment in waste water treatment applications, systems and products for snow making for the ski industry, custom display systems and products for industrial production monitoring, recreational facilities, high volume silent bid auctions, etc.

Sterling Truck Corp. logo

Sterling Truck Corp.

St. Thomas, ON

Sterling Truck Corporation designs, manufactures and distributes medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles under the Sterling and Western Star brands. Sterling is headquartered in Willoughby, Ohio, and is a subsidiary of Freightliner LLC, Portland, Oregon. Sterling builds a broad range of highly engineered trucks and tractors. These vehicles are used for everything from freight distribution to heavy vocational uses, such as construction, snow ploughing and refuse collection. The products are distinguished by their performance, productivity, high level of customization and by the customer support network behind them. It sells its trucks in five countries currently: the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico. It's headquarters is ISO 9001 registered, while the Sterling Truck Manufacturing Plant in St. Thomas, Ontario, is ISO 9002 registered.

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Radix Controls Inc.

Windsor, ON

Since 1994, Radix Controls Inc. has specialized in providing advanced manufacturing technology solutions to industry in North & South America. 100% Canadian owned, this privately held company is a preferred supplier to such world class companies as Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Nemak, Magna, Hayes Lemmerz & Cadbury, to name a few. The Industrial Computing & Networking group at Radix has indepth expertise in custom software applications for process control & management, SCADA, human-machine interface, data base management &/or data mining & internet-based technologies. The Industrial Automation & Engineering group designs, installs & supports turnkey automation solutions, as well as stand alone systems, incorporating marking technologies, robotics, machine vision systems, torque guns & programmable logic controllers.

Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers (OGVG) logo

Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers (OGVG)

Leamington, ON

Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers (OGVG) is a not-for-profit organization representing over 250 members who grow greenhouse tomato, cucumber and pepper crops in Ontario, Canada.

Many specialty varieties are also produced such as yellow cherry tomatoes, yellow and orange cluster tomatoes, yellow beefsteak tomatoes, Campari, Zebra and Amorosa cocktail tomatoes, mini cucumbers and more.

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RFID Canada

Markham, ON

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ICS Triplex ISaGRAF Inc.

Brossard, QC

ISaGRAF is a powerful, robust embedded software technology that delivers on the promise of open automation, going beyond the boundaries between traditional, proprietary industrial control devices and open standards-based hardware, operating systems and network technologies. This highly advanced software provides a technology foundation that facilitates accelerated application/product development and speeds time to market.

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University of Calgary

Calgary, AB

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University of Western Ontario

London, ON

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University of British Columbia

Vancouver, BC

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Simon Fraser University

Burnaby, BC