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Important Dates

The Office of the Registrar maintains a frequently updated list of Important Academic Dates. Please consult this resource for up-to-date information about exam dates, recesses and holidays, due dates, and other significant days.

You may also be interested in the University Event Calendar, which lists workshops, lectures and readings, defences, athletic events and other happenings on and around campus.

For information about course timetables, please consult this website's Course Timetable and Room Scheduling page.

Note for American and International faculty:

The noun "calendar," which normally describes a list of dates, has a specific usage at Canadian universities that can be confusing to newcomers. In Canada, an Academic or University Calendar is a document containing a comprehensive list of courses offered at the university, plus accompanying registration information.

Please note that the University Event Calendar and the University of Windsor Academic Calendars are discrete, very different documents.

Note: This site is a living document, the goal of which is to improve, in some small way, the working lives of University of Windsor faculty. We are eager to collaborate with the campus community to better this service over time. If you can identify any knowledge gaps, missing resources, or outdated or erroneous information on this site, please contact Iva Gentcheva, Director, Office of the Provost and Faculty Recruitment, without hesitation.