FAQ: What can I expect from my professors?

In the first week of classes, you should receive a course syllabus/outline from your instructor in each of the classes you are registered in. Each course syllabus should contain the following information:  general course information; instructor’s scheduled office hours, office location, phone extension, and email address; list of required textbooks/readings; outline of course content and expected schedule; course requirements (how you are to be evaluated); dates of any midterms, tests, and assignments; general class and university policies.

Be sure to make a note of each instructor’s office location, phone extension, email address, and scheduled office hours. Your instructors are there to help you, so take advantage of their office hours by visiting them or making an appointment.

Many instructors set up course sites through Blackboard which are accessible to all students registered in a particular course.  They may post course outlines here, assignments, practice tests, or helpful resources.  If an instructor has set up a Blackboard course site, be sure to visit and become familiar with the resources available to you.

A Teaching Assistant (T.A.) or Graduate Assistant (G.A.) may be assigned to one (or more) of your courses.  A teaching/graduate assistant is a senior undergraduate student or a graduate student who is assigned to assist students and/or the instructor in various ways. Teaching assistants may conduct labs, mark assignments/tests, answer questions, etc. Your instructor should inform you if a teaching assistant has been assigned to your course and should provide information that allows you to contact the T.A., if necessary.