Creative and Performing Arts

The Creative and Performing Arts at the University of Windsor provides students an opportunity to explore their artistic passions through the School of Creative Arts or School of Dramatic Art

The School of Creative Arts offers programs in: 

Develop your visual, technical, storytelling, and professional workplace skills. Study all aspects of filmmaking in scripted and documentary film, pre-production planning, budget planning, concept development, screenwriting and screen adaptations; production related directing, cinematography, set design, lighting, sound, and post-production including sound design and editing. Learn narrative, non-narrative, documentary, and experimental filmmaking traditions and create films based on experimentation with narrative and formal expression.

Learn more about our Film Production program here.

How do you see the world? Study how art, architecture, and media technologies have shaped our understanding of culture throughout time. Studio art classes are complemented by unique academic courses. When you don’t have a brush or pencil in your hand, you’ll be involved in events, exhibitions, and workshops where you can learn through experience.

Learn more about our Media Arts and Culture program here.

Find your jam in our music program. You’ll study a wide variety of musical genres. The program’s home is in our amazing School of Creative Arts, a beautifully renovated historic armouries building. We keep class sizes small so our faculty can give your talent the attention it deserves. You have the option of combining your music studies with another discipline.

Learn more about our Music program here.

Be your own maestro in our Bachelor of Music program. Here you’ll study music through performance and academic study. Your home base is our beautifully renovated School of Creative Arts, where our class sizes are small and our faculty is dedicated to your success.

Learn more about our Music program here.

Spread the love of music in this program that focuses on the methods and practice of teaching. You’ll take specific voice or instrument training, and also learn music theory, the foundations of music education and basic conducting. The School of Creative Arts, where the program is housed, is stunning. We keep class sizes small so our caring faculty can give you lots of personal attention.

Learn more about our Music program here.

This program will strike a chord with students set on teaching music or basic rhythms and instruments in high school. At the end of this five-year program you’ll have both an honours degree in music and a bachelor of education degree. You’ll have lots of hands-on learning experiences to put the theory of music and education you’ve learned into practice.

Learn more about our Concurrent Education with Music program here.

Express yourself! Come work in our stunning new facilities, with supportive faculty who want you to realize your creative potential. We offer in-depth studio practices, exhibition opportunities, and exposure to the cultural institutions of Windsor and Detroit.

Learn more about our Visual Arts program here.

Plant your feet in two cities in this joint program with the University of Detroit Mercy. Receive a visual arts degree from UWindsor, and a BSc in architecture from UDM in this combined program. Courses are taught by architects in this close-knit, niche program. You’ll have lots of hands-on learning opportunities through co-op, internships and projects for non-profit groups. Then there’s the option to get your master’s from UDM in just one additional year. You must be a Canadian citizen to take part in this program.

Learn more about our Visual Arts and the Built Environment here.

Share your passion for visual arts with budding Picassos and Emily Carrs in this program where you’ll earn two degrees at once. You’ll work toward your BA (general) in our stunning School of Creative Arts building while studying education and getting teaching experience in schools. At the end, you’ll be eligible to teach intermediate/senior students (Grades 7-12).

Learn more about our Concurrent Education with Visual Arts program here.

The School of Dramatic Art offers programs in: 

Take centre stage in this program that finds the perfect balance of conservatory style classes, performance, and academic course work. Develop your talent in this internationally recognized program. Audition required.

In pursuit of Equity and Accessibility, we encourage student applications from designated groups: persons who are Indigenous (FNMI), BIPOC, women, LGBTQ+ and persons with disabilities. If you require an accommodation to complete your audition or interview, please let us know by sending an email to

Learn more about our Acting program here.

Come develop your creativity in our drama program where you’ll get the training for a career in the theatre. Choose a concentration in performance, history and theory, design/technical theatre, or a combination of two or all three. First-year students get hands-on training behind the scences at University Players. Students love this program so much that many go on to graduate school for further learning and specialization.

Learn more about our Drama program here.

Join one of Canada’s most unique undergraduate programs involving drama. It’s perfect for students who are interested in performance and teaching with aspirations to use drama as a vehicle to empower others. With a focus on practical learning, you will develop presentations, performances and workshops around pressing social issues. Work in schools, art galleries, museums, hospitals, senior citizen residences and multicultural organizations. You can follow this up with our consecutive education degree program and become qualified to teach at any grade level or pursue graduate studies in a complimentary discipline.

Learn more about our Drama in Education and Community program here.

The classroom will be your stage with this intensive program that will make you eligible to teach drama in grades 7 to 12. This concurrent program is hands-on, giving you opportunities to practice drama as a vehicle for learning and teaching. Put the theory you’ve learned into practice through field experience.

Learn more about our Concurrent Education with Dramatic Art program here.