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Interdisciplinary Programs

The Faculty of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (FAHSS) offers a huge range of interdisciplinary programs, minors, and certificates. Below you will find a list of interdisciplinary options offered across our Faculty. For academic advising regarding one of these programs, please contact the relevant department or school directly.
Unwilling to settle on one area of study? Consider two! Many of our strongest students undertake a Double Major (also called Combined Honours) program, one of the great strengths of studying at university. FAHSS offers a number of predetermined Combined Major programs, but in many cases, you can build your own Double Major Program. In fact, 20% of FAHSS undergraduate students undertake a Double Major – that’s 1 in very 5 students! Think about your interests and challenge yourself by combining knowledge and skills from distinct areas of study.

Undergraduate Programs

Aeronautics Leadership Program (BA Honours)

The Aeronautics Leadership Program at the University of Windsor was developed in response to the growing demand for pilots and leaders in aviation and aerospace.

The Aeronautics Leadership Program provides students with a unique opportunity to combine a Liberal Arts and Leadership-focused education with flight training. Students enroll in a Bachelor of Arts (Hons), Liberal Arts and Professional Studies: Aeronautics Leadership, taking classes on the University of Windsor campus in areas of Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Business, Science, and Engineering.

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Anthrozoology (Certificate in Anthrozoology and Minor)

Are you interested in learning more about the significance of animals in our lives?  The University of Windsor is the only university in Canada offering programs in human-animal interactions! If you’re interested in studying Anthrozoology, you can now get a certificate (8 courses) or a minor (6 courses), in addition to your major.  

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Behaviour, Cognition, and Neuroscience (Psychology & Biology) (BSc Honours)

Behaviour, Cognition and Neuroscience is a program in the biology department at the University of Windsor. This program represents an emergent inter-disciplinary field in the behavioural/life sciences and specifically in the area of neuroscience.

Neuroscience, which links the disciplines of biology and psychology, is the study of behaviour and its neural mechanisms. It is a strong and growing interdisciplinary field that seeks to understand brain function at molecular, behavioural and cognitive levels.

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Community Engagement and Evaluation (GART/SOSC 2050) is an innovative community-based partnership between the University of Windsor and a collective of 40 community partners called ProsperUs. Co-taught by faculty and by staff from United Way Windsor-Essex, students learn practical skills to support future career aspirations across a range of sectors through a two-semester program.

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Disability Studies (BA Honours)

Disabilities Studies provides students with the knowledge and experience-based practice they can use to advocate for:

  • Social justice,
  • Anti-oppressive needs, and
  • Accessibility for people with disabilities.

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Family and Social Relations (BA Honours)

This interdisciplinary program, unique in Canada, developed by leading world-class researchers, provides practical and theoretical insights into changes affecting families and social responses to those changes. Students explore child studies, sexuality, and sexual health (domestic and international), family history and change, marraige dynamcs, women's issues, changing gender roles, and aging. The program combines courses from a variety of disciplines including sociology, psychology, social work, history, and women's studies.

Family and Social Relations prepares students for careers in child and youth human services, counselling/rehabilitation, community advocacy, case management, and a variety of other related career paths.

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Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences (BA Honours)

The Interdisciplinary Arts and Science program is designed for highly motivated students who want a well-rounded and challenging education in the arts, social and natural sciences to prepare themselves for the ever-changing world of work in the 21st century. The Interdisciplinary Arts and Science program offers valuable experience and research skills for issues of personal and public concern.

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Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (BA Honours)

LAPS is a good choice for students who have wide-ranging academic interests, yet look for career-related education. The broad range of courses available to LAPS majors make it more flexible than other degrees. It can be tailored to students’ particular interests.

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Media Arts & Culture (BA Honours)

As the everyday use of images expands exponentially across digital media, our combined BA program in Media Arts and Culture responds by probing the ways in which we see and understand the world around us. Study how art, architecture, and media technologies intersect to shape our understanding of our local and global cultures in both historical and contemporary contexts.

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Social Justice (Minor)

Total courses: 6

Required: SJST-1000 and SJST-3000, plus any 4 courses listed under the Social Justice Honours Degree as follows: INCS-2350, DRAM-3780, DRAM-4710, ENGL-1005, ENGL-2320, ENGL-3330, VSAR-2850, PHIL-2270, PHIL-2360, PHIL-3230, CMAF-2250, CMAF-3700, HIST-2510/53 -200, HIST-3490, HIST-3620, POLS-2110, POLS-2410, PSYC-2400, PSYC-3340, PSYC-4400, PSYC-4450, SWRK-1170, SWRK-2100, SACR-3750, WGST-2600, WGST-3530, WGST-4100, WORK-1000, WORK-2000, KINE-4050.

*NB: Students are responsible for ensuring that they have the required pre-requisites for enrolment in the above list of courses.

Studies of Sexuality (Minor)

This minor combines relevant courses in Sociology, Psychology, History and Women's and Gender Studies. 

Required: six of SACR-2050, WGST-2500, PSYC-2400, SACR-4510, SACR-3510, HIST-4630 (or WGST-4630). 

Visit the Sociology and/or Women's & Gender Studies websites for more information.


Visual Arts and the Built Environment (BA Honours)

Visual Arts and the Built Environment [VABE] is a unique program between SoCA Visual Arts at the University of Windsor (Windsor, Ontario) and the School of Architecture at the University of Detroit Mercy (Detroit, Michigan).

VABE brings together students and faculty from both schools to approach the design of the built environment as artist and architect.

By crossing the boundaries of these traditionally separated professions, students learn to examine the built environment from the perspective of aesthetics, creativity, social culture, construction, utility, meaning, and history.

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Women’s and Gender Studies (BA Honours)

A deep understanding of women and gender relations is at the heart of all our programs—but the boundaries go well beyond. Women’s and Gender Studies courses are concerned with social justice in the broadest sense: students examine how race, social class, religion, sexuality, and gender shape society and culture in Canada and elsewhere. 

Women’s and Gender Studies is intellectually stimulating, personally fulfilling and practical. Whether you choose Women’s and Gender Studies on its own or in conjunction with another program, the skills and knowledge you gain will be valuable in workplaces where there is a need for employees who are informed, open-minded, and responsive to issues of equality, difference, and persity. 

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Updated: July 14, 2021