Dean Construction Site - Site #7

LaSalle, Ontario


Project Goals and Objectives: Naturalize 550 meters of shoreline and create a .45 hectare storm water management system to treat runoff

Project Description: Project partners resorted 550 meters (1,805 feet)of natural shoreline using soft engineering techniques, reestablished .55 kilometers of riparian vegetation along the natural shoreline and created a storm water pond to improve the quality of the storm water before it enters the Detroit River.

The Dean Construction site is located on the shoreline of the Detroit River directly east of the Grassy Island in the Town of La Salle. Dean Construction presently operates its marine contracting operation at this shoreline site.

The Dean Construction site had degraded habitat and runoff left the property freely. Stands of emergent vegetation near the Dean site were considered part of the Detroit River Marshes Class 2 Provincially Significant Wetland. The objective of the project was to restore fish and wildlife habitat along the shoreline of the Detroit River.

The project at the Dean site entailed construction of a 0.45 ha (1.1 acre) stormwater management pond and sediment forebay, and 550 m (601 yds) of shoreline naturalization and protection.

The site was cleared of dredged material and construction debris, and was graded. Shoreline fish habitat improvements were also made.

The improved habitat conditions created by this project contributed towards delisting fish and wildlife habitat impaired beneficial uses in the Area of Concern, and towards meeting Canada-Ontario Agreement Habitat Targets.

Cost: $62,000

Timeframe: 1997-1998

Partners: Dean Construction, Environment Canada and Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

Ecological Effectiveness: No quantitative post-project assessment: only visual observation

Restoration Contact: Dean Construction