Intrepid Pond - Site #22

Commerce Park, Grosse Ile, Michigan


Project Goals and Objectives: Restore storm water retention basin, create native plant community, and promote education and stewardship

Project Description: Invasive plant species such as Phragmites australis and Eurasian milfoil were removed. Native wetland vegetation was planted at the shoreline, and an upland buffer was created with native bushes and trees. Approximately 20 volunteers helped plant over 100 native wetland plants and shrubs as well as numerous trees around the perimeter of the pond.

Cost: $7,000

Timeframe: 2008-2010

Partners: Grosse Ile Nature & Land Conservancy, Alliance for the Great Lakes, Freshwater Future, and Ford Motor Company

Ecological Effectiveness: No quantitative post-project assessment: only visual observation

Restoration Contact: Grosse Ile Nature & Land Conservancy