North Pier Shoreline of Belle Isle - Site #29

Detroit, Michigan


Project Goals and Objectives: Project Goals and Objectives: Remove debris and naturalize the Belle Isle shoreline, including enhancement of coastal wetland habitat

Project Description: This project will remove 375 tons of non-accumulating debris and naturalize 72 linear feet of shoreline and coastal wetland with native plants and natural rock on Belle Isle. Funding for this project is provided by both Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and the National Ocean Service’s Marine Debris Program. This project will improve habitat for native fish species, including muskellunge, smallmouth bass, and walleye. This project will also launch an educational campaign, with input and participation from at least six partner groups, to prevent further accumulation of debris. This educational campaign will:

Initiate a monofilament fishing line recycling program with education displays at all the fishing sites on Belle Isle in partnership with two groups, including the Belle Isle Nature Zoo and Sturgeon for Tomorrow
Engage 100-plus volunteers in litter removal and restoration projects.

Cost: $50,000

Timeframe: 2012-2013

Partners: Alliance for the Great Lakes, Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, National Ocean Service’s Marine Debris Program, City of Detroit, and Sturgeon for Tomorrow

Ecological Effectiveness: No monitoring to date; as part of this work the Alliance will conduct pre- and post- construction monitoring of fish species with the assistance of Belle Isle Nature Zoo staff to assess the functionality of the habitat for the target species

Restoration Contact: Alliance for the Great Lakes