River Canard Park - Site #33

Amherstburg, Ontario


Project Goals and Objectives: Restoration of 200 meters of River Canard shoreline using soft shoreline engineering techniques

Project Description: River Canard Park is the largest Canadian tributary to the Detroit River. An existing vertical concrete shore protection structure was removed and replaced with a soft shoreline consisting of a diversity of stone types. The shoreline was crenulated and included excavation of a deep water pool. Two viewing platforms and a fishing dock were also installed as part of the project.

Cost: $350,000

Timeframe: 2012

Partners: Essex Region Conservation Authority, Town of LaSalle, Town of Amherstburg, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment Canada, Amherst Quarries, West Windsor Power, Essex County Stewardship Network, Friends of Canard River

Ecological Effectiveness: Pre-construction monitoring was performed. No post-construction monitoring to date.

Restoration Contact: Essex Region Conservation Authority