Solutia Plant - Site #40

Trenton, Michigan


Project Goals and Objectives: Stabilize shoreline and enhance habitat

Project Description: Like many companies on the Detroit River, land was historically gained by filling low areas along the Detroit River. Approximately 40 acres of land was created in this fashion between 1945 and 1965. This land was the focus of a beneficial soft engineering project. Twenty five acres were managed for habitat, while the remaining 15 acres were divided between four ponds.

Solutia has an operational practice of maintaining a green space around their facilities, consistent with company policies. A high priority is placed on ensuring health and safety, and maintaining a clean environment. Solutia is proud of its commitment to their employees, community, and environment. Already, this facility has remediated 60,000 cubic yards of phosphate contaminated soil.

The soft engineering project for Solutia in Trenton was the reinforcement of the pond's berm. These three ponds function as stormwater retention basins. The original berm was constructed of clay and concrete riprap or armorstone. Many options were considered to reinforce the shoreline. The decision to use riprap instead of harder engineering practices was made based on four key points. The riprap was just as effective as harder engineering methods, cheaper than concrete breakwalls or steel sheet piling, more aesthetically pleasing and closely matched the existing shoreline features and provided habitat for fish and wildlife. This project was completed in 2000.

Cost: $50,000

Timeframe: 2000

Partners: Solutia Chemical Company

Ecological Effectiveness: No post-project monitoring of ecological effectiveness to date

Restoration Contact: Solutia Chemical Company