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Welcome to Propel!

The Faculty of Graduate Studies and the Office of Career Development and Experiential Learning have partnered to bring you this graduate student professional development initiative. This series of resources will help you find success with your graduate degree and help you to propel your career forward.

Why is graduate student professional development important?

Many graduate degree holders have rewarding careers in a wide variety of fields, including academia, industry, government, and non-profit. They tend to have higher earnings than average and positive employment outcomes.

Graduate degree holders, however, may face difficult initial career transitions upon the completion of their degrees. Some lack an awareness of the various careers that they can explore, lack employability skills that allow them to effectively sell themselves to employers, and lack professional networks that can aid them in their career development and employment outcomes. Don't worry, though, participating in professional development opportunities can help you to prepare for these labour market realities and help you to find success!  

Propel has tips for preparing for both academic and industry careers so that you can plan for success, no matter what path you follow.