Mission Statement

The Humanities Research Group (HRG) is committed to engaging our community on campus, in the city, and in our region, with interdisciplinary ideas and perspectives of complexity and weight that are central to our understanding of ourselves and our place in the world. Our goal is to bring students, faculty and Windsorites together, to challenge, inspire, and stimulate, in a space of open dialogue, sharing and exchange.

About the Humanities Research Group (HRG)

The Humanities Research Group is an interdisciplinary council comprised of University of Windsor faculty, students, staff, and community members, who support humanities research and facilitate events where thinkers and audience members grapple with issues relating to the human condition.

To learn more about the HRG, watch a video about us.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2019, the Humanities Research Group is a cadre of students, community members and academics dedicated to bringing ideas and debate across the disciplines of the arts and humanities, to an interdisciplinary audience of students, scholars and our greater community.

Kim Nelson assumed the role of HRG Director in July 2017. A filmmaker by training, she moved to Windsor from Vancouver in 2005 and joined the ranks at the University of Windsor in 2007. Inspired by the work and support of colleagues and student collaborators, Kim’s research/creative practice evolved to include performance film, film theory and the philosophy of history, dubbed the Live Doc Project. 

We want you to be inspired, engaged, stimulated, challenged, informed. We want you to participate. 

The HRG wants you!