Adam Simmons

Adam Simmons Headshot

Graduation Year: 2013 Program: BHK Movement Science, Minor in Psychology

Post Grad: Bioinformatics- Seneca College

Current Occupation: COO & Co-Founder at Trioova- Edmonton, Alberta

Industry: Digital Health Coop Placements:

  • West Windsor Chiropractic- Windsor, Ontario
  • Smith Physiotherapy Clinic- Windsor, Ontario
  • Harmony in Action- Windsor, Ontario

Adam graduated from the University of Windsor, Faculty of Kinesiology with a Movement Science degree. His journey in the emerging field of digital health begun after him and another HK alumni, Luke Butterworth, reconnected on LinkedIn when Luke relocated to Edmonton acquiring for a new job. Luke and Adam were only acquaintances in Windsor, passing each other in the hallway as Luke was a year younger. Although once they reconnected in Alberta they discovered challenges within the healthcare system. They both saw this as an opportunity to capitalize on a new trend of centralizing data in health-care services. Alongside Luke and their team, Adam switched from Rehabilitation Consulting to cofound Trioova and help shape the emerging field. Trioova is a digital marketplace that allows health consumers to hire professional in-home or remote health services all through a digital platform. It’s easy to use and allows for payments, booking and service provider ratings all enabling a personalized healthcare experience. Currently, the app has a planned launch of July 2018.

During Adam’s journey in Windsor, he had the opportunity to be a part of the Coop Program. “Coop was a great opportunity to gives you clinic experience that transfers to increasing confidence and bringing down barriers. The Faculty of Human Kinetics had a community feel and there was always an openness of communication between the faculty members and the students. While Kinesiology is a valuable resource to get into the rehabilitation field, Windsor also gives you the skills and opportunities to create your own journey in other occupations. I recommend to current HK students to not be afraid to create your own career path, a degree in Kinesiology is highly valuable and you do not have to conform to traditional recommended paths like physiotherapy or occupational therapy.”