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Centre for Human Performance and Health




The University of Windsor delivers a formative education that ignites life-changing growth in our students and the community – building on the success of the past with an eye toward the future.  The Centre for Human Performance and Health (CHPH) is our bold step towards creating a more vibrant society by uniquely integrating the mutual benefits of healthy living, sport performance, and workplace safety.

The CHPH is located within the Faculty of Human Kinetics, which is comprised of both the academic Department of Kinesiology and the Division of Athletics and Recreation Services.  Recognized for excellence both nationally and internationally, faculty and staff from each department area combine efforts to showcase exceptional talents and expertise across multiple disciplines in the field of human movement.

Build a Culture of Health. Support Community. Change Lives

The Centre for Human Performance and Health will provide a framework for multidisciplinary research and knowledge translation by bringing together experts in the following Kinesiology disciplines; exercise physiology, sport and exercise psychology, biomechanics and ergonomics, motor control and learning.  Researchers in these areas will join experts in other fields such as medicine, nursing, psychology and engineering to deliver community programs under three priority areas; active and healthy living; sport performance; and workplace training and safety.

Through these much-needed community programs, students will gain research training and exceptional applied learning opportunities, giving them the experience and skills necessary for entering the workforce.

Experts will work together to move advancements in cutting-edge research to practice, placing a high priority on ensuring that evidence-based interventions reach the largest number of people possible.  It is our goal to lead a diverse range of game-changing programs that will improve lives through partnership and innovation with the global community.


Exercise is Medicine

It is well known that an active lifestyle and proper nutrition can help you lead a longer, healthier and more fulfilling life.  Building a culture of health inspires the CHPH to play a pivotal role in creating healthieStudent completing fitness testr communities by conducting research and delivering programs focused on chronic disease management; mental health; making sports safer for athletes; and improving activities of daily living in older adults, children and special needs populations.  Clinical studies are designed to translate research findings into applications that will improve the health of humans throughout their lifespan and positively impact their quality of daily life.


Our Promise to Provide Opportunity and Fulfill Potential

The CHPH embraces the development of athletes at the grassroots level to assisting Olympic athletes to achieve their best.   Our research aims to implement strength and conditioning programs; enhance mental training for peak performance; increase rehabilitation progress; identify the impact of relative age on sport participation and performance; and impact team functioning and the sociocultural benefits of sport.  As a result, we will develop more effective training and psychological strategies, as well as screening tools to enable clinicians, coaches, and sport scientists to improve an athlete’s physical capabilities, safety, and long-term health.


Improving Workplace Safety through Research

Student learning how to tape an ankleWe believe in health and wellness and its ability to enhance individuals, organizations, and our community.  Healthy, safe employees are the most important asset.  Invested employers commit wisely in that asset, in order to reduce costs, prevent workplace injuries and sustain a culture of health.

Our research aims to develop effective methods for assessing and mitigating physical and psychological risks in order to reduce and prevent various workplace injuries.

From our office and factory line workers to our first responders and healthcare providers, our objective is to create, inform and reform healthier work environments.