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Jake Corrent


Jake Corrent
Jake Corrent

Graduation Year: BHK 2015 (Movement Science – COOP)

Hometown: Windsor, Ontario

Industry: Long-Term Care, Rehabilitation, Education & Ergonomics

Current Position: Exercise Therapist at The Village of Aspen Lake - Schlegel Villages

Coop Placements: Insight Enterprises, Erie St. Clair CCAC, Smith Physiotherapy & The Village of Aspen Lake

“At Schlegel Villages I oversee the Program for Active Living; however I wear many hats within in my role. My duties encompass providing various healthcare services such as: seating and mobility assessments, safe patient handling, falls prevention/management, rehabilitation, injury prevention, biomechanics, ergonomics, and leadership to front-line team members and co-op students. I also assist the rest of the Operational Team develop and roll out Quality Improvement Plans.”

“At first, I never considered a career in long-term care— my goal was to be a chiropractor. However, after starting a part time position in a local clinic, I quickly realized it was not my passion and pursued alternate routes while continuing to complete my undergrad. Being a co-op student provided me the opportunity to experiences multiple areas within the field including ergonomics, physiotherapy, chiropractic and exercise rehabilitation with special populations. My final work term placement at The Village of Aspen Lake helped me solidify what career I wanted to pursue upon graduation and I was fortunate enough to be offered full time employment with Schlegel Villages the following week after convocation. After accepting my offer, I became immersed yet again in the progressive culture of the organization. They believe in re-shaping the culture of aging and strive to provide the highest quality of care. The relationships I have formed with all 192 residents within the Village is second to none and we are like a family”

“HK allowed me to work alongside people, which is why I felt comfortable working in an interdisciplinary setting that is focused on providing quality care for the resident. Some of the specific courses that helped prepare me for my current position at Schlegel Villages were: Dr. McGowan’s Special Populations class and Dr. Azar’s Neurophysiology & Pathophysiology of Pain. These courses helped especially when I was required to help design a bed system for a resident who had outlived his life expectancy with Huntington's Disease. He had pronounced spastic movements/chorea which led to many challenges with his care. Two main concerns we had stemming from his previous bed were abrasions and contusions he would sustain from hitting his head/extremities off of the wall, quarter side rails and/or head/foot boards. In addition to these skin concerns, he experienced frequent falls from bed and incontinence was also an issue. I consulted and collaborated with my occupational therapist, seating and mobility consultant and together we came up with a Huntington's Mattress Protection System. We had it manufactured through VitaCare and after the initial prototype and revision, we were able to allow our resident to sleep in a bed system which provided him comfort on an antimicrobial /non permeable surface which was surrounded by foam bolsters for protection. This Mattress system is now being sold internationally through Vita Care and I couldn’t have done this without my diverse background in ergonomics, physiology and adulthood and aging.”

“I would suggest to students who are interested in long term care to come and visit our villages and see what we have to offer. The PAL Program is a signature program of Schlegel Villages and we do hire Kinesiologists and Exercise Therapists in our homes which certainly separates us apart from other organizations. To the students in their fourth year about to enter the professional world, never stop learning and always have the desire to grow yourself professionally even if it is not in your field of interest. I firmly believe in networking— the relationships you form can assist you in so many different ways throughout your journey.”