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August 11, 11:45 AM - 1:00 PM

Please register your team by Wednesday, August 9

Workplace Wellness Committee, in partnership with Lancer Recreation, are inviting you to participate in the Team Poker Walk, a fun event that will conclude the Get Active! Stay Active! summer wellness challenge.

No knowledge of poker is required!

What if I did not participate in the summer wellness challenge, can I still sign up for the Team Poker Walk? Yes, of course! If you didn’t take a part in the Get Active! Stay Active! challenge, you can still join your colleagues in this fun activity!

Campus Food Pantry logoThrough this Poker Walk, we would also like to support the Campus Food Pantry, run by the University of Windsor Students’ Alliance. You are encouraged to bring a non-perishable food item(s) such as canned soup or vegetables, nut butter, jam, boxed rice, etc. – a drop off point will be set up at the first Poker Walk station.



  1. Form a team of up to 5 members
  2. Select a Team Captain and come up with a fun team name.
  3. Team Captain please complete the Online Registration form
  1. Check your team in at the Registration Table located in the CAW Courtyard. Each participant will receive a tally card. Each team will receive a map of the station location. If you would like to support the Campus Food Pantry, run by the University of Windsor Students’ Alliance, you can drop off your donation here.
  2. Each team can visit each station only once to create a 5-card Poker Hand (see Poker Hand Rankings here)
  3. At first 5 station visited (station 1-5), each team will be dealt 1 card to create a 5-card Poker Hand. The card must be signed/initialed with the provided marker before leaving the table. Remember to have the station attendant mark your tally card to indicate that station was visited.
  4. At the last 3 stations (stations 6-8), teams are given the opportunity to improve their Poker Hand. One card must be discarded, and the team receives a new card in exchange for the card that was already in their Poker Hand. Please note: it is not a requirement to discard one card and be dealt a new card at all 3 stations if you feel your hand is a winning one already, just get the tally card marked.
  5. Once teams visit all 8 stations and complete their Poker Hand, they must take their cards to the Judges Station located in the registration/staring area (CAW Courtyard). Poker Hands will be reviewed for prizes.
  • Judges will review all cards that are turned in at the Judges Station (CAW Courtyard) by 1 PM.
  • Prizes will be given for the Best Poker Hand and Worst Poker Hand (see Poker Hand Rankings here).
  • Participants (excluding Poker Hand prize winners) can earn the chance to with the All-Station Prize by visiting each of the 8 stations and getting their card marked.
  • In case of a tie, players will each cut the deck of cards, high card wins.

Poker Walk Winners:

Best Hand - Co-op Aces Team

Worst Hand - River Rats

Participation Prize (individual) - Patti Fritz

Poker Walk downloadables

(copies will also be available at the registration table)

Poker Walk Instructions

Poker Walk Map and station locations

Tally Card (Individual)

Poker Hand Rankings

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