What is the internship course?

  • The course code is 07-95-498
  • Counts as a major course in Kinesiology
  • Each student is limited to one (1) Internship course 
  • Available to Kinesiology students in 3rd or 4th year who are in good academic standing
  • Requires you to work/volunteer in a Kinesiology related field for 9 hours a week for 12 weeks (during the normal school semester)


Check back soon for current opportunities.

Connections Early Years Family Centre- Sponsorship and Communications Intern- Posted November 2, 2018

Human Kinetics Canada, Sale and Marketing Intern - Posted November 22, 2018

Fitness Coordinator- St.Clair College- Posted July 5, 2018

Harmony In Action- Exercise Program - Posted July 12

WIATC & Adventure Bay- Coordinator - Posted July 23

Sport and Orthopaedic physiotherapy and strength and conditioning- Windsor Spitfires: Posted July 31, 2018

Coordinator of Fan Development- Windsor Spitfires: Posted on July 26

Ergonomics/Occupational Health and Saftey- Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital: Posted July 5, 2018

Female Sport, Physical Activity and Leadership Development Organizer 18-19, Post July 19 (details below)

Bogey Golf Tour - Sport Management Intern - Posted March 27, 2019

Border City Boxing - Parkinsons Disease - Posted, March 13, 2019

Elite Training Systems, Strength and Conditioning Intern - Posted March 12, 2019 

APEX Internship - Re-posted March 12, 2019

Windsor Championship (Golf) - Admin Intern- Posted Feb. 12, 2019

Windsor Championship (Golf) - Junior Sales Intern- Posted Feb. 12, 2019

Windsor Championship (Golf) - Social Media Intern - Posted Feb. 12, 2019

Placement: LAWS and a partnership with FitSpirit, and the GOALS (Girls Organizing and Learning Sport) program
Position: Female Sport, Physical Activity, and Leadership Development Organizer

Interested candidates, please email your resume and cover letter to:
Sara Santarossa (

*Please copy Chad Sutherland ( on the submission email.

Fitness Trainer- APEX Research Group - Department of Kinesiology - Post July 23

This is a great Internship opportunity for an HK student who would like to gain workplace experience working with adults who have an intellectual disability and autism!

Interested candidates, please follow the instructions on the PDF when applying.

Interested candidates, please email your resume and cover letter to:
Kelly Carr (

*Please copy Chad Sutherland ( on the submission email.

Internship Application Package

Please contact the main office in HK for Intership application information. Some examples of job opportunities include Schools, Nursing Homes, Chiropractic Clinics, Fitness facilities, Physiotherapy Clinics, Hospitals, Sport Organizations, Not for profit organizations, Athletics etc.  If you are currently working/volunteering in a similar placement, please come and see me about the internship course opportunity.  You are also welcome to enroll in the internship program and find your own placement.  I have also attached the Internship course package which contains all the information about the course.  If you do find a placement you need to complete pages 4 – 9 (with appropriate signatures) of the package and return them to me so I can sign you into the course.  If you have any questions about the course, please contact me directly.

Chad Sutherland