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Co-operative education (co-op) is a unique opportunity to expand learning beyond the classroom. Adding co-operative education to your Kinesiology degree can be a life changing decision. You will have the opportunity to explore where your degree might take you after graduation, develop technical and work-related skills, and gain relevant paid work experience. Support and guidance through the co-op process is provided by both a Co-op Coordinator and Co-op Kinesiology Faculty Advisor.

Why Co-op?

  • Gain hands on experience related to our Kinesiology program
  • Apply your education to the workplace
  • Network with employers and professionals in the Human Kinetics field
  • Explore different career options to help narrow and/or identify career goals
  • Learn how to compete confidently in the job market
  • Earn a salary to offset the cost of tuition


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"I worked at Radovich Chiropractic, in Windsor, ON, as a chiropractic assistant. My favourite part of this placement was the autonomy I was given. I was required to be aware of each and every patient's injury/problem and treat it using my own judgment. This allows the co-op students to be a large contribution towards the care of patients. My experience in co-op has increased my confidence towards operating my own chiropractic practice in the future."

Admission Criteria

  • Must be enrolled in 1st year HK
  • Minimum cumulative average of 60%
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Enrolled in full-time studies

*All Co-op students pay Co-op Fees

Study Sequence 

As a co-op student, you will either be in school full time or in a full-time job. You will typically spend 4 months as a full-time student and then 4 months working in a full-time co-op job relating to your studies.

Example: Co-op starts in second year

Year of Study Fall Semester Winter Semester Summer Semester
1 Study Study Off
2 Study Co-op Study
3 Work Study Co-op/Study/Off
4 Study Study Co-op/Study/Off
5 Study    

Co-op Partners

  • Community Chiropractic Centre
  • Radovich Chiropractic
  • Active Body Physical Therapy
  • Koonar Physiotherapy
  • Pinnacle Physiotherapy
  • Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment
  • University of Windsor, Department of Athletics and Recreational Services
  • Hotel Dieu-Grace Healthcare
  • Kautex Textron
  • Return to Play Sports Centre
  • Schlegel Villages 
  • Town of Tecumseh
  • UWindsor — Centre for Human Performance and Health


​If you have any questions, please contact,

Romina Oulevey
Co-op Program Coordinator