Kinesiology - Movement Science

What is Kinesiology - Movement Science?

Focus on the human. That’s our motto at UWindsor’s HK faculty. It’s about developing you as a whole person, with the skills, leadership and character you’ll need to succeed in the health, medical, and teaching sectors just to name a few. You’ll like the family feel of this faculty, and there are lots of opportunities for hands-on learning through co-op, internships, labs, research opportunities and community outreach. 

What are some of the things I will learn?

  • Understanding the theories of health and fitness and contemporary trends in kinesiology practice
  • Devising, administering and evaluating injury prevention and rehabilitation plans based on best practices
  • Performing effective physical risk assessments appropriate for work, leisure, and sporting activities
  • Organizing and overseeing physical activity programs for individuals and groups of all demographics across the lifespan
  • Conducting appropriate research using modern, approved methodologies; critically appraising and evaluating research findings

What are the requirements?

For all students entering the program, a minimum grade of 70% in ENG4U and 70% in one of 4U Biology, Chemistry or Physics is required. In addition a minimum average of 70% is required in the best six of 4U classes. Co-op available; apply during Year 1.

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