Windsor men's players getting ready for the ball

Triple Gymnasium

With the goal of creating a facility in which high-performance sports and recreational activities can co-exist, the 25,000 square feet encompasses three state-of-the-art multi-purpose courts to serve the needs of a variety of user groups and individuals in the UWindsor and greater Windsor-Essex community. Not only will it host a variety of intramural and varsity sporting events, it will be the new home for UWindsor Convocation.  

Triple-Court Features

When entering the gymnasium, visitors will immediately notice the iconic Lancer shield on the feature varsity basketball and volleyball court symbolizing University of Windsor unity and pride. The durable, hard maple flooring is built to withstand a magnitude of games, practices and recreational activities while improving performance, comfort and safety by minimizing vibration, maximizing shock absorption, and reducing athlete wear and tear injuries. With 10x more consistent rebounds, the state-of-the-art manufacturing technology will ensure unparalleled gameplay performance – industry flooring trusted by elite NBA (National Basketball League) teams like the Toronto Raptors, Oklahoma City Thunder and New Orleans Pelicans, in their training facilities.  

Windsor Lancer Varsity volleyball court with lancer shield in middle

Aerial of Triple Gym and 200m suspended walking track

Recreational Services + Intercollegiate Sports 

Surrounding the gym floor are sets of retractable seating for up to 2,000 dedicated Lancer fans. The bleachers have the ability to slide away when not in use, providing additional floor space for a variety of customizable setups and events. For team training and recreation activities, the new gymnasium has the capability to host three basketball games or four volleyball games simultaneously. 

In the same fashion as most modern sports arenas, fans attending varsity volleyball and basketball games will enter their seats from the upper level, separating the fan experience from the field of play. Varsity athletes have restricted access to the court floor from their changerooms, acting as a subtle and professional boundary.

Technology upgrades include four scoreboards, surround sound, shot clocks on both basketball nets, LED-video board on the south side of the gymnasium for instant replay capability enhancing the fan and player experience. With a bird's eye view of the court, state-of-the- art production suites will capture all the high-energy action for virtual fans as well as expanding the possibilities for a multitude of high production in-person, virtual and hybrid events including convocation. 

Student serves a volleyball in an intramural volleyball game

Two student smile holding a volleyball in an intramural volleyball game

Suspended Walking/Jogging Track

Suspended above the triple-gymnasium ​is the 200m indoor track offer​ing Toldo Lancer Centre users the opportunity to walk or jog year-round while catching the extraordinary views of the action below​ as well as outside views. This is the perfect space to get active in a safe and climate-controlled environment, warm up before the gym, take a break from the computer or meet up with a friend while getting some steps in. ​Wide, rubberized lanes a ​are fully accessible allowing for strollers, walkers and wheelchairs. The three marked lanes allow for ​both social walkers and joggers to comfortably pass ​each other using the outside lane. 

The recreational track is located on the second level, accessible from the main lobby stairs, the south stairs or elevators located just past the ​Dr. Richard Peddie Lancer Commons.

Distance Approx. Numer of Laps on Indoor Track
1KM 5
5KM 23
10KM 46
21KM (1/2 Marathon) 95
42KM (Marathon) 191

Student setting her smartwatch to walking on walking track

Students walking on walking track at Toldo Lancer Centre

Specifics + Amenities

  • Triple court ground floor: 25,241 sq. ft. 

  • Upper level running track: 11,260 sq. ft. 

  • 200m indoor track

  • One feature basketball or volleyball court

    • Three recreational basketball courts

    • Four recreational volleyball courts

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