Windsor Law Alumni Mentorship Program

The Job Shadowing Program was created in 2003.  It aims to provide current law students with an opportunity to spend the day with a graduate of Windsor Law.  It provides students with the opportunity to observe the routine of practicing lawyers and legal professionals.

There are no geographical boundaries.  Job shadowing experiences can be arranged anywhere that we have a willing host and an interested student.  Hosts can be Judges, crown counsel, in-house counsel, private practitioners or others who use their law degree in an alternative or non-traditional manner.   Because our students have such divergent interests, we aim to expose them to a variety of experiences.

The shadowing aims to show students a realistic picture of a day in the professional life of the host.  To the extent possible, the host should endeavour to expose the student to a variety of practical legal issues and/or procedures.   An opportunity to meet and talk with other students or lawyers is also beneficial.

Students will be required to keep confidential all information to which they may have had access to in the course of the experience.  They have been informed of their obligations as student members of the Law Society of Upper Canada and by virtue of the provisions of the Code of Professional Conduct.  Hosts should feel free to require the students to execute a Confidentiality Agreement.