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Bruce P. Elman, Professor of Law Emeritus

Recent Speeches

  • “An Employee’s Privacy and Dismissal in the Academy” (With Jeffrey Berryman), Discussion Forum on Privacy, Stockholm, Sweden, June 2019.
  • “Banning Public Disclosure of Public Information: Rethinking Canadian Law”, Discussion Forum on Freedom of Expression, Budapest, Hungary, June 2017.
  • “Canada’s Unwritten Constitution”, Research Seminar, Israel Democracy Institute, May 2017.
  • “The Open Court Principle Re-examined”, Discussion Forum on Freedom of Expression and the Criminal Law, London, England, May 2014.
  • “Preventing Public Dissemination of Publicly Available Speech in Canada”, Discussion Forum on Freedom of Expression, London, England, June, 2012.
  • “A Discussion of Ethics – Public and Professional”, Essex Law Association, Annual Meeting and Dinner, April, 2012.
  • “The Jewish Community, the Constitution of Canada, and the Courts: Cases of Religious Freedom”, Windsor Jewish Federation, December 2011.
  • “Leading the Movement for Ethical Lawyering: Pro Bono”, University of Toronto, Intensive week on Ethics and Professionalism, November 2011.
  •  Creating a Culture of Professional Responsibility and Ethics: a Leadership Role for Law Schools (2007) Eighth Colloquium on the Legal Profession: The Challenges of Leadership