SSRN - Legal Scholarship Network

Browsing on the network is free. 

We are allowed up to 10 users in our network license.  If you would like to join, please contact Vicki Jay Leung.

  1. Our site subscription is to the Legal Scholarship Network, and allows each user to receive a series of abstracting e-journals that are linked to full text articles for free.  The site subscription is not a license; it allows a group/organization a new way to access the content.
  1. Anyone can search the e-library and download most papers for free.  The only restriction is on papers that are posted on behalf of other print publishers that are not free.  If a fee must be paid to gain access, there will a dollar ($) sign beside it.

Anyone can upload an article, however it is reviewed and vetted by SSRN staff before it can be posted online.When an article is accepted, SSRN then streams the article into one of thirteen SSRN networks and/or SSRN e-journals.These e-journals are specific to SSRN and are not found anywhere else.

Also, whenever you see "One-Click Download" the article should be available for free.

Browsing is free, Subscribers can set up a subject selection of Journals.  Each subscriber has own User ID and they are sent notifications of current issues of their selections via email.