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AGIS + Australian Law Journals collection.

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Annotated Leading Cases of International Criminal Tribunals (Intersentia) - "Annotated Leading Cases of International Criminal Tribunals provides you with the full text of the most important decisions, including concurring, separate and dissenting opinions. Distinguished experts in the field of international criminal law have commented the most important decisions of the ICTY, ICTR, the Special Court for Sierra Leone, the International Criminal Tribunal for Timor-Leste and the ICC."

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CCH AnswerConnect is a comprehensive Federal & International tax resource. Products include:  

  • Federal Income Tax Topic Pages*
  • Annotated Income Tax Act & Regulations
  • Interpretation Bulletins, Folios, Circulars, Technical News and others
  • Federal Income Tax Forms and Guides
  • News Tracker – Daily Tax News
  • Tax Topics® Newsletter
  • Canadian Tax Reporter Commentary
  • Dominion Tax Cases (since 1920) and summaries
  • CRA Technical Interpretations (AKA Tax Window Files, Private Rulings)
  • Commentary on CRA Technical Interpretation (AKA Window on Canadian Tax®)
  • International Tax Treaties and Social Security Agreements
  • All CCH Smart Charts
  • Canadian Estate Planning Guide
  • Estate Planner Newsletter
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Canadian Lawyer magazine (digital edition). For access to this product, please ask a reference librarian.   Law Times appears to be a free product at this time.

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CLEO Community Legal Education Ontario - Free resources and publications.

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Clinical Law - Youtube channel by Professor Gemma Smyth. Provides online learning tools and videos to assist in training clinical law skills.

Current Index to Legal Periodicals - Law faculty members may request that their name be added to this weekly email list of new legal journal articles. To request that your name be added to the recipients list, please contact Annette Demers.

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Massive collection of full text scans of primary and secondary material from around the world. Our collection includes but is not limited to:

  • United Nations Law Collection - From HeinOnline: contains exact reproductions of major United Nations legal publications, including: United Nations Treaty Series; the League of Nations Treaty Series; the Monthly Statement of Treaties & International Agreements; UNCITRAL Publications; UNIDIR Publications; the United Nations Legislative Series and much more.
  • World Treaty Library - This monumental collection brings together Rohn, Dumont, Bevans, Martens, League of Nations, United States, and United Nations treaties into one easy-to-use and fully searchable database. Search a comprehensive treaty index by keywords, title, parties, sign date or citation. Also included are hundreds of related treaty publications, scholarly articles chosen by our editors, and a bibliography of related publications.
  • Legal Classics - Includes more than 2,000 works from some of the greatest legal minds in history including Joseph Story, Jeremy Bentham, William Blackstone, William Holdsworth, Henry Maine, Federick William Maitland, Frederick Pollock, Benjamin E. Cardozo, and many more!
  • Session Laws Library - Canada, Australia, US Federal and State, Bahamas. This library contains the session laws of all 50 US states as well as Canada, Australia, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and the DC Register. Includes Revised Statutes of Canada: 1985, 1970, 1952, 1927, 1903, and 1886.

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ICLR - Not for profit organisation that was established in 1865 as the authorized publisher of the official series of The Law Reports for the Superior and Appellate Courts of England and Wales.

vLex - Hundreds of thousands of full-text judgments from UK, Australia and Canada. Includes note-up information, visual mapping and advanced features. Content includes: England and Wales Judgments Complete (1852 -); UK Statutes from 1235 forward including amendment information; Canadian and Australian cases; Justcite functionality. Contents description for UK can be found: here. Contents description for Australia can be found: here. The Academic User Guide can be found: here.

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LLMC Digital - Fulltext primary legal materials for a variety of jurisdictions: US, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, etc. Search by Title or Jurisdiction.

LLMC Digital includes many early law reports for Canada and the UK, including the English Reports, Full Reprint (pre-1865 English law reports), and the Law Reports.

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Making of Modern Law - Full-text, early British and US legal textbooks published from 1800 through 1926.

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Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law* - The online edition of the Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law is edited by Rüdiger Wolfrum, Director at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law. This comprehensive resource contains peer-reviewed articles on every aspect of public international law. Limited to Faculty of Law users only.

Military Law meta search - Customized search of free online journals and newsletters.

O'Brien's Encyclopedia of Forms - Available to Westlaw subscribers / Faculty of Law users only. Comprehensive resource for forms and precedents for many areas of the law.

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Oxford Handbooks Online - The Handbook series contains "in-depth, high-level articles by scholars at the top of their field."

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New Oxford Companion to Law

Dictionary of Law (7th Edition)

Encyclopedia of Human Rights.

Guide to Latin in International Law.

Encyclopaedic Dictionary of International Law (Parry and Grant)

Oxford Reports on International Law* (limited to Faculty of Law users only) includes:

  • Oxford Reports on International Law in Domestic Courts
  • Oxford Reports on International Courts of General Jurisdiction
  • Oxford Reports on International Criminal Law
  • Oxford Reports on International Human Rights Law
  • Oxford Reports on International Investment Claims
  • International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID)
  • Oxford Law Citator


Public Access to Electronic Records from the United States Federal Courts - "Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) is an electronic public access service that allows users to obtain case and docket information from federal appellate, district and bankruptcy courts, and the PACER Case Locator via the Internet". To obtain information from this system, please speak to a Reference Librarian.

Policing in Canada meta search - Customized search of free online jounals and newsletters.

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ProView: Thomson Reuters - Electronic versions of a range of Thomson Reuters (Westlaw/Carswell) Canadian legal texts. Proview does not work in Safari. Includes:

  • Woodward, Native Law
  • Brown, Judicial Review of Administrative Action in Canada
  • La Forest, Anger & Honsberger Law of Real Property, Third Edition
  • Braha, Annotated British Columbia Human Rights Code
  • Castrilli, Annotated Guide to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act
  • Brown on Defamation (Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, United States), Second Edition
  • Dunn, Canadian Charter of Rights Annotated
  • McLeod, Canadian Charter of Rights: The Prosecution and Defence of Criminal and Other Statutory Offences
  • Gibson, Canadian Criminal Code Offences
  • Salhany, Canadian Criminal Procedure, Sixth Edition
  • Hobby, Canadian Environmental Assessment Act: An Annotated Guide
  • Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP, Canadian Franchise Guide
  • Rogers, Canadian Law of Planning and Zoning, 2nd Edition
  • Barrigar, Canadian Patent Act Annotated, Second Edition
  • Ryan, Canadian Telecommunications Law and Regulation
  • Herman, Canadian Trade Law: Practice and Procedure
  • Richard, Canadian Trade-Marks Act Annotated
  • Watt, Carswell's Forms and Precedent Collection: Criminal Law Precedents, 2nd Edition
  • Hogg, Constitutional Law of Canada, 5th Edition
  • Roach, Constitutional Remedies in Canada, 2nd Edition
  • Pentney, Discrimination and the Law
  • Sproat, Employment Law Manual: Wrongful Dismissal, Human Rights and Employment Standards
  • Parry, Employment Standards Handbook, Third Edition
  • Gorsky, Evidence and Procedure in Canadian Labour Arbitration
  • Ellis, Fiduciary Duties in Canada
  • McKeown, Fox on Canadian Law of Copyright and Industrial Designs, 4th Edition
  • MacOdrum, Fox on the Canadian Law of Patents, 5th Edition
  • Watson, Holmested & Watson: Ontario Civil Procedure
  • Sharpe, Injunctions and Specific Performance
  • Brown, Insurance Law in Canada
  • Dimock, Intellectual Property Disputes: Resolutions and Remedies
  • Wirth, Interlocutory Proceedings
  • Brown, Judicial Review of Administrative Action in Canada
  • Echlin, Just Cause: The Law of Summary Dismissal in Canada
  • Andrew, Labour Relations Board Remedies in Canada, Second Edition
  • Rogers, Law of Canadian Municipal Corporations
  • Hepburn, Limited Partnerships
  • Segal, Manual of Motor Vehicle Law, 3rd Edition
  • Hill, McWilliams' Canadian Criminal Evidence, Fifth Edition
  • Gray, Ontario Corporate Law and Practice
  • Lombardi, Ontario Environmental Protection Act Annotated
  • Keith, Ontario Health and Safety Law: A Complete Guide to the Law and Procedures, with Digest of Cases
  • Elliot, Ontario's Equity Laws
  • Archibald, Regulatory and Corporate Liability: From Due Diligence to Risk Management
  • Klar, Remedies in Tort
  • McLaren, Secured Transactions in Personal Property in Canada, 3rd Edition
  • Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, Securities Law & Practice, 3rd Edition
  • Sookman: Computer, Internet, and Electronic Commerce Law
  • Lipson, The Art of Drafting the Commercial Contract
  • Crawford, The Law of Banking and Payment in Canada
  • Waddams, The Law of Damages
  • Zinn, The Law of Human Rights in Canada: Practice and Procedure
  • Hubbard, The Law of Privilege in Canada
  • Maddaugh, The Law of Restitution, Looseleaf Edition
  • Di Castri, The Law of Vendor and Purchaser, 3rd Edition
  • Berger, The Prosecution and Defence of Environmental Offences
  • Mac Neil, Trade Union Law in Canada
  • Kirwin, Vulnerable Persons - Protection and Remedies in Canada
  • Bentley, Williams and Rhodes' Canadian Law of Landlord and Tenant, 6th Edition
  • Harris, Wrongful Dismissal

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Lexis+* - Law users are provided with a password for this product.

Note, all users must register for a personalized Login ID in order to access the system. For 75 years we have been creating authentic and reliable legal information: Legal Commentaries, Statutory Law and Law Reports. Supreme Court Cases (SCC) is the most cited law report by the Supreme Court of India. All that expertise and experience has gone into curating the content which is available on SCC Online.® So no matter whether it’s a case you’re arguing, an opinion you’re drafting, a transaction you’re finalising or an opinion you’re seeking all the content is there in one place: Indian, Foreign and International. Coverage.

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unalex - The Portal to International Law (European Union)

  • A username and password is required for this system. See a Reference Librarian to get access.

Westlaw Edge Canada

Westlaw Edge Canada* - This product is password protected. Law users are provided with a password for the product. When entering your password, you will then be prompted to enter a Client ID. This field is mandatory, however any character combination may be entered. Provides access to the following content:

  • Copyright License Terms
  • Full License
  • Criminal Source* - Statutes, cases, textbooks on criminal law. Access via WestlawNext Canada. Select "Criminal Source" on the right menu under My Subscriptions. Contains Canadian Criminal Code (& other statutes), links to the full-text of criminal cases, and full-text of textbooks including McWilliam’s Canadian Criminal Evidence.
  • Employment source
  • Estates&TrustsSource
  • Family Source
  • Insolvency Source
  • IP Source
  • Labour Source
  • Litigator
  • Securities Source

*Denotes content that is limited to Faculty of Law users only.

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