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  • - The Official Home of UK Legislation
  • JustisOne - Choose "login" from the top right of the page.
    • All Acts of Parliament (1235 to present) - covering England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland from medieval times to the present day as enacted, including repealed legislation.
    • UK Statutory Instruments - The only complete electronic archive of secondary legislation from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland from the 17th century to the present day.
    • UK Local Acts (1797 to present)- All as-enacted, full-text local legislation from 1797 to date, incorporating a growing collection of private and personal legislation.
  • Law Library- Full collection of UK statutes
  • LLMC - Select historical laws

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  • Quicklaw
  • WestlawNext Canada*
    • International Tab - Westlaw International - In the Directory, under "International/ Worldwide Materials" choose "UK" - Choose the folder for cases - Locate the case. Choose "Related Information" tab on the left menu, and then choose "Citing References."

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