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Researching Aboriginal and Indigenous Law

  • First Nations Periodical Index
  • University of Windsor Journals List - Journals specific to aboriginal studies, examples include:
    • Native Peoples
    • Aboriginal Law (LSUC)
    • Canadian Journal of Native Studies
    • First Nations Gazette
    • Native American Report
    • Indigenous Law Bulletin
    • Native American Law Report
    • Indigenous Law Journal (UofT)
    • Native Studies Review
    • International Indigenous Policy Journal
    • Canadian Native Law Reporter
    • Australian Indigenous Law Review
    • Canadian Native Law Bulletin
    • Aboriginal Policy Studies
  • Canadian Law Journals:
  • Social Sciences Journals: Try collections under Social Work, Political Science, or Sociology.
  • Indian Law News Bulletins - current awareness service of the National Indian Law Library. See the "about" page for each bulletin for specific information on monitoring, content selection criteria, and timeliness of publication.

Statistical sources may be found using the Leddy library's Data website

Updated: Feb 13, 2020 MJ