Access to Justice Distinguished Lecture Series

February 4, 2021
"Mapping Racial Geographies of Violence on the Colonial Landscape"
Ingrid Waldron
McMaster University

March 2, 2020
"Justice Denied: The ​Need for an Independent Bar"
Anil Kapoor

York University

March 21, 2019
"A Growing Tolerance for Injustice in Canada Amid Quasi-Judicial Chaos in Ottawa"​
Michael Bryant

Executive Director and General Counsel for the Canadian Civil Liberties Association

October 3, 2017
"Viola Desmond: Her Historic Challenge to Race Segregation in Canada and Her Appearance on Our $10 Banknote" ​
Prof. Constance Backhouse

University of Ottawa

October 18, 2016
"Building International Approaches to Climate Change, Disasters and Displacement"
Dr. Jane McAdam
UNSW Australia

October 22, 2015
"Learning from the Land: Outdoor Legal Education and Indigenous Law"
Dr. John Borrows
University of Victoria

March 5, 2015
"Gender Violence and Access to Justice at the Intersection of (In)compatible Legal Regimes"
Prof. Janet Mosher
Osgoode Hall Law School

October 21, 2013
"Is it Time for a New Model of Inclusivity for Achieving Access to Justice"
Dr. Patricia Hughes
Law Commission of Ontario
February 10, 2012
"The Arab Season: The Future of Women's Rights"
Prof. Adrien Wing
University of Iowa
Novermber 9, 2011
"Strategies of Rupture: The Politics of Judgement"
Dr. Brenna Bhandar
Unviversity of London
September 22, 2010
"Unity in Diversity: European Citizenship through the Lens of Popular Culture"
Prof. Carl Stychin
University of Reading
March 9 2009
"Brave New Words:  Labour and the Charter" by
Dr. Judy Fudge
Landsdowne Professor of Law
University of Victoria

February 18 2009
"Challenges to the Inter-American System of Human Rights" by
Dean Claudio M. Grossman 
- Professor of Law and Dean, American  University, Washington College of Law (WCL) 
- Raymond Geraldson Scholar for International and Humanitarian Law
- Chair of the Committee on International Cooperation of the Association of American Law Schools

February 17th 2009
“How the International Criminal Court Applies to States that Have Not Joined It” by
Dr. Willaim A. Schabas
Director, Irish Centre for Human Rights
National University of Ireland, Galway

October 25th 2007
"The Scales of Injustice" by 
Dr. Charles Blattberg
Associate Professor of Political Philosophy
Department of Political Science
University of Montreal

February 7th 2007
"Economic Incarceration" by
Bridget McCormack
Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs
Clinical Professor of Law
University of Michigan

September 29th 2005
"Peoples Courts: Rough Justice or Legitimate Justice" by
Christine Chinkin 
Professor of International Law
London School of Economics and Political Science

April 6th 2005
"Access to Justice: Poststructural Politics and the Community of Law"by
Peter Fitzpatrick
Professor of Law
Birkbeck School of Law
University of London

January 29th 2003
Brian Dickson, the Supreme Court of Canada, and the Charter of Rights: A Biographical Sketch” by
Justice Robert Sharpe
Ontario Court of Appeals

October 2nd 2001
“The State We’re in: Legal Education in Canada’s New Political Economy”by
Harry Arthurs
Professor of Law & Political Science
President Emeritus, York University
Dean Emeritus,Osgoode Hall Law School

March 22nd 2000
“Vindicating Mi’Kmaq Rights: Before, During and After Marshall” by
Bruce Wildsmith 
Dalhousie University
Legal Counsel to Donald Marshall Jr.
March 26th 1999
“Pain, Powerlessness, and the Promises of Interdisciplinary Legal Scholarship: An Idiosyncratic, Autobiographical Account of Conflict and Continuity” by
Austin Sarat
William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Jurisprudence & Political Science at Amherst College

March 5th 1998
“The Need for an Independent and Effective Prosecutor in the Permanent International Criminal Court” by
Justice Louise Arbour
Prosecutor of the United Nations
International Criminal Tribunal for the Former 
Yugoslavia and for Rwanda

November 25th 1996
“Disability Equality in the Charter After Ten Years: What Progress? What Prospects?”by
David Lepofsky
Constitutional, Admin. & Criminal Lawyer; 
Activist for Rights Disabled Persons

February 21st 1996
“The U.N. Human Rights Treaties: Facing the Implementaiton Crisis” by
Anne F. Bayefsky
Common Law Section
University of Ottawa

October 25th 1994
“Recent Issues of Access to Law Raised by Modern Technology”by
Ursula M. Franklin
Professor Emerita
Massey College
University of Toronto

October 14th 1993
“The Politics of Structure: Decentralization and Empowerment” by
Joel Handler
President of Law & Society Association

November 4th 1992
“Accomodating Difference in Canada: The First Peoples’ Constitutional Package” by
Mary Ellen Turpel
Dalhousie Law School

October 30th1991
“What’s Fair? Gender and Perceptions of Justice”by
Sandra Burt
Political Science 
University of Waterloo

October 16th 1990
“The Politics of Law”by
Peter Russell
Faculty Law
University of Toronto

November 15th 1989
“Bhopal’s Past and Present: Changing Responses to Industrial Disaster” by
Marc Galanter
Faculty of Law
University of Wisconsin

February 22nd 1989
“A No-Frills look at the Charter or How Scholars and Politicians Hide Realities” by
Harry J. Glasbeek
Osgoode Hall Law School

October 13th 1988
“The Litigation Explosion: The Struggle Between Autonomy and Pacification” by
Dr. Laura Nader
University of California Berkeley

April 2nd 1986
“Access to Legal Education and the Legal Profession: A Commonwealth Perspective”by
William Twining
Quain Professor of Jurisprudence
University College London

March 13th 1985
“Liberation Theology and Human Rights”by
Dr. Gregory Baum
Religious Studies
University of Toronto

March 12th 1984
“The Growing Irrelevance of the Civil Courts”by
Geoffrey Palmer
Deputy Leader of the Opposition
New Zealand Parliament

February 10th 1983
“Constraints on the Political Will” by
Roland Penner
Attorney General of Manitoba

March 18th 1982
“Old and New Criminal Codes”
Martin Friedland
Faculty of Law
University of Toronto

March 26th 1981 - Inaugral Lecture
“Justice and the Bureaucratization of Appellate Courts” by
Joseph Vining
University of Michigan