Submission Guidelines

1. Implied Conditions

  • The Yearbook is an independently refereed Journal. All contributions will be subject to a critical review by the Board. If the Board decides to proceed further with the manuscript, the manuscript will be subjected to a critical review by external readers. It is rare that a manuscript is accepted without requested changes.
  • Because of the above commitment we ask of our outside referees, the Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice cannot consider for publication manuscripts being considered by other journals. A submission to the Yearbook  will be taken as an implicit promise that the manuscript has not been concurrently submitted elsewhere, has not been accepted for publication elsewhere and will not be submitted elsewhere so long as it is under consideration by the Yearbook. Please refer to Editorial Process.
  • The Editors regret that manuscripts cannot be returned.

2. Form

  • Authors should submit an electronic version in Microsoft Word, by e-mail to
  • The manuscript, including notes and references, should be double-spaced with 1-inch margins. 12 pt Times New Roman is the preferred font. All notes and references should be placed in the footnotes according to the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation, 8th edition, published by the McGill Law Journal. The Guide dispenses with social science citation style (including any requirement for a bibliography).
  • Authors should ensure that their references and quotations have been checked before submission. The author is responsible for obtaining permission to reprint an illustration, diagram or other figure. Copies of the permission form should be accompany with the manuscript. All necessary credits and acknowledgements should also be included.

3. Length

  • Articles in the Yearbook generally run from 20 to 40 pages (roughly 7,000 to 12,000 words) in length, excluding footnotes,  in 12 point font.  Preference will be given to articles that do not exceed 12,000 words although longer articles may on occasion be published.

4. Abstract

  • In addition to the manuscript itself, the author must submit an abstract of approximately 100 to 250 words  in English and/or French.
  • The Abstract may be at the start of the manuscript but it must also be saved as a separate document.

5. Writing Style

  • In general, the Yearbook follows the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation, 8th edition (McGill Guide) for citation style. American case citations may follow the American practice. Canadian spelling is preferred in accordance with the Oxford English Dictionary. If the author is in doubt as to whether the form used is correct, send as much information as possible in the note or reference and the Editors will ensure that it is formulated correctly.
  • Notes should be kept to a minimum and used only when necessary. Substantive comments should be featured in the text of the manuscript, not relegated to the footnotes.
  • Footnotes, rather than endnotes, should be submitted.