Our Clinical Team

Chris Abeare

Dr. Chris Abeare

Dr. Abeare is a clinical neuropsychologist who specializes in the assessment of adolescents, adults, and older adults. He specializes in assessment of brain injury, dementia, and other neurological disorders. His work focuses on understanding and assessing the cognitive and emotional consequences of brain injury, including traumatic brain injury, concussion, and stroke.

Anne Baird

Dr. Anne Baird

Dr. Baird is a clinical neuropsychologist with several decades of experience in assessment of adults with an emphasis on collaborating with them and their families and healthcare team to clarify what is going on and figure out next steps. Her work examines how neuropsychological assessment can help explain everyday function and improve life quality, particularly in older people. Beyond her clinical work, Dr. Baird also offers educational courses for them through local organizations for older adults.

Dr. Renee Biss

Dr. Renee Biss

Dr. Biss is a clinical neuropsychologist with expertise in cognitive assessment of adults and older adults with neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, traumatic brain injury, and stroke. Her research and clinical work also involve delivering cognitive interventions for cognitively healthy older people as well as those with memory problems. Her past clinical experience includes work in geriatric and rehabilitation hospitals, private practice, and a primary care clinic specialized for people experiencing homelessness.

Joseph Casey

Dr. Joseph Casey

A native Windsorite, Dr. Joe Casey is a clinical neuropsychologist whose research and clinical interests are focused on disorders that have their origin in childhood. In addition to his faculty career, he has had an active and well-respected private practice that has drawn clients from the Windsor and adjacent tri-county region, serving children and teens with a variety of neurodevelopmental conditions and their families for more than 20 years.

Laszlo Erdodi

Dr. Laszlo Erdodi

Dr. Erdodi’s clinical work is primarily focused on adults and older adults. His clinical interests include a number of areas including head injury, dementia, and the role that emotional distress plays in cognitive performance. As a non-native speaker of English, he is also particularly interested in understanding how limited English proficiency influences test scores during neuropsychological assessment.

Carlin Miller

Dr. Carlin Miller

Dr. Miller is trained in both school-based and pediatric neuropsychology. With a track record for assessment, intervention and research stretching back 20 years, she has been deeply invested in providing holistic neuropsychological assessments to preschoolers, school-age children, adolescents, and emerging adults. Outside her work in clinical neuropsychology, she is also engaged in helping families develop mindfulness practices to increase resiliency and wellbeing.

Dr Kris Romero

Dr. Kris Romero

Dr. Romero is a clinical neuropsychologist who specializes in assessing memory and executive functioning in adults and older adults with various neurological illnesses, including Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, stroke, and traumatic brain injury. His past clinical experience includes work in several university-affiliated teaching hospitals in Toronto, as well as in private practice.


Student Evaluators

The Clinical Neuropsychology Service (CNS) is primarily a training clinic for our graduate students enrolled in the Clinical Neuropsychology track within the Clinical Psychology doctoral program at the University of Windsor. They have already completed some of their coursework and they have demonstrated appropriate skills for their work within the CNS. Students play multiple roles at the CNS, including assistant evaluators, lead evaluators, and peer supervisors. All of our students are closely supervised by the faculty members who are on the clinical team and are registered psychologists in the Province of Ontario.