Student Projects

Sample undergraduate student work

CAD/CAM 2017

Sample of CAD/CAM work

A set of student course projects


Mechanical Engineering Capstone: 2014

Robotic end effector with a multi-directional controlled break away design.

Robotic end effector model

Robotic end effector model breakdown

Robotic end effector


F2014: 91-321 -Manufacturing Process Design

Lets make dinosaurs! Six groups had the same basic geometry, but scaled to different sizes. They were tasked to build the dinosaur, exploring different manufacturing processes and materials. They started with making the bones .... one group's parts: they had some molded parts, and some fused deposition modelled parts.

Dinosaur bones

Assembled model of dinosaur

Here is another group's final assembled model

Industrial Engineering Capstone: 2013 - 2014

Design, Analysis, and Prototyping of a Mechanical Pill Dispensing System for Pharmacy Industry (Abdulqader Alsobaihi, Salem Jabr, Sufian Aljorephani).

Pill depense model


Pill depense prototype

Working prototype

Lean Medical Equipment & Custom-Fitted Sports Gear Using FDM

Group: Jad Ayache Fred Henri,Budzani Kaelo Boile Malunga.

Arm scan

Scan your arm using a modified Xbox & appropriate software

Arm prototype

And build a conformable cast

Industrial Engineering Capstone: 2012 - 2013

Group: Ayobami Ayodeji, Ingy Kamal, Logan Hu modeled bobble heads, and a mechanical hand.

Hand model capstone


Industrial Engineering Capstone: 2010 - 2011

Industrial Engineering: Creating a 3D Printed Model of Assumption University (Misbah Kilani, Ahmad Hassoun). I did some after hours basic CAD training, and then this team took off - the quality and intricacy of the model is amazing.

Assumption University exterior

Here's the real thing

Assumption University CAD model

The final CAD model - showing the exterior features

Assumption University 3D printed model

And here is the built model

1st floor interior CAD detail

1st floor interior detail

Design and build details of windows and organ

Some design and build info for the windows and organ (shown above the windows)

Chapel ceiling CAD detail

Here is a view of the chapel ceiling (upside down so you can see the detail)

Industrial Engineering Capstone: 2009 - 2010 (OCE Connections finalist project)

Industrial Engineering: 3D Printed Model of the Centre of Engineering Innovation (Bronson Thorton, Puneet Singh, Ali Sardar).

Centre of Engineering Innovation CAD model

The CAD model of the Centre of Engineering Innovation

Centre of Engineering Innovation 1 segment of 4

One segment (of four)

A smaller scale model for a card holer or key chain fob

A smaller scale model for a card holer or key chain fob


W2007: 91-424 - Computer Aided Manufacturing and Measurements

Course projects - bookends, which must be designed, machined, and assembled.

CAD drawing and machined bookends

Style 1

Finished bookends

Style 2