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Lab Regulations and Safety Policies

The POM Research Lab has regulations and safety policies. Reading these regulations and safety policies carefully would help us to maintain a good working environment.

Hours Of Operation:

Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm.


Vacations / Holidays:

The University observes the following as statutory holidays: New Years Day; Family Day; Good Friday; Victoria Day; Canada Day; Civic Day; Labour Day; Thanksgiving Day; Christmas Day; Boxing Day and any other days declared by the University of Windsor President.

Annual Vacations:

These are stated for each employee in their Employment Contract upon accepting work at the POM Research lab.

Sick Days:

Contact your supervisor to inform them of your absence.


Individuals, who encounter this unfortunate event will be granted from 3 days to 1 full week.


Do not allow anyone who is not a LAB FACILITIES C member to enter the labs at any time. More information about security can be found at or by the Campus Police at extension 4444 or 1234 for emergencies.


For security reasons, one cannot make duplicate copies of the lab keys: DO NOT DUPLICATE is on the lab keys.

Policy on teaching for full-time researchers:

Once the situation is confirmed with your supervisor, inform Supervisor Lab Director of your new duties and your revised availability, etc.

Office hours / G.A. / T.A.:

Anyone engaging in G.A./T.A. hours and / or office hours, etc., please ensure that the meeting designated for your office hours is NOT in any of the LAB FACILITIES Labs.

Collaborating / Submitting research papers:

All research papers that are submitted to any book, journal or conference proceedings, must be submitted through the LAB FACILITIES.

Cleanliness of the laboratories:

We ask that you kindly assist in maintaining a neat and tidy work area and laboratory.

Paper consumption:

As a researcher in the LAB FACILITIES, you are entitled to 1 package of 500 pages of paper to last the duration of 2 months, for your RESEARCH.


All researchers, staff, etc., will be entitled to access to Supervisor Xerox Photocopier, FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY.

Research assistantship/Funding:

R.A.s may be given to employees/graduate students by their supervisor, subject to their satisfactory performance and availability of research funds.

Student scholarly summary (3S) forms:

The 3S form is a reporting measure used to view your research progress and rate, etc. by your supervisor.

Annual reports for your department and/or graduate studies:

The annual reports need to be filled by both student and supervisor and submitted to the Department that the student is studying.

Travel expenses reimbursements:

If you require a refund for research related expenses, you need to retain all ORIGINAL receipts of legitimate expenses while away and submit the original receipts with all details required (your name, date of activity, purpose of activity, listing of expenses incurred and total amount spent).