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Daily News, University of Windsor, Psychology centre brings state-of-the-art resources to historic home: Clinic trains top-ranking psychologists - and turns a profit (September 19, 2017).

Youtube, University of Windsor, New Psychological Services and Research Centre (PSRC) - Now Open!

Windsor Star, Doug Schmidt, Syrian mom flees violent country, violent husband, finds hope in Windsor (June 18, 2017):

CBC Windsor, Daniel Beauparlant, University of Windsor students warn about drinking dangers on St. Patrick's Day (March 17, 2017):

CBC Windsor Morning with Tony Doucette, Refugee Mental Health (April 12, 2017):

Windsor Star, Victim of human trafficking shares her story of survival (October 26, 2015):

UWindsor Daily News, Diagnostic program can be first step in help for adults with learning disabilities (October 9, 2015):

UWindsor Daily News, Lori Lewis, Support service picks up slack in child psycho-educational assessment (Sept. 25, 2014):

CBC Windsor, Counselling for refugees and victims of human trafficking (April 13, 2015):

UWindsor Daily News, Sarah Elliott, Clinic trains top-ranking psychologists—and turns a profit (Jan. 20, 2015):       

UWindsor Daily News, The healthy student relationships campaign (January 15, 2015):